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gallons and the minimum may set down at three, and the maximum at ten writing your dissertation gallons. The proprietors the Stradbroke fishery were at the time visit mourning over the decline prosperity, and longing once more for the time when half a dozen dugongs would brought land in one morning.

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The herds appeared term paper writing services abandoning the waters, and was a question whether the men should not follow their example.

A similar state things was being deplored in other waters, uhere the author The Queen the Colonies, a dugong-hunter himself, once saw a herd escaping in an unbroken procession for three hours through a narrow best writing service tideway the Moreton Bay the southernmost hunt dugong haunts in the Queensland seas.

The season there lasts through the lovely winter weather, and supposed that the dugongs make their way thither from more tropical seas give birth their young. The submarine pastures upon which they feed lie at a depth from eight fourteen feet, and the favourite grounds are banks protected from the sea, in bays and straits.

They graze in company, dissertation writing service uk and feed down the herbage close that they leave a well-defined track indicate their movements. The black-fellows, who love occupation this kind, if any, peer over the gunwale the whale-boat into the clear water, and are unerring authorities, phd online telling at once when the monsters passed that way, though were a week previously, and giving a shrewd guess as their present whereabouts. Their eyesight The recently captured specimens saw at Stradbroke had been tracked in this way. On the morning before our arrival one the proprietors, a well-educated and handsome young Englishman, who looked the gentleman through all his rude fisherman's equipment, sailed away with his crew aboriginals in open boat, and fotmd encouraging traces a small herd these bullocks the sea. The sail was taken down, and strict silence kept, the dugong-hunters siumising that the game was not far distant.

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In that case, as the dugong has come the surface at short intervals blow, there would an outward and visible token before long. This actually happened, and when the wind dropped and the ripples fell, one the blacks caught sight a dugong leisurely prowling about, deep down upon the bottom.

Then stealthily the boat returned shore, and towards evening put off again place the strong nets, made rope with 1 inch mesh, in a position entangle the dugongs when during the night they came in from the sea, according custom, feed the richly weeded submarine bank near shore. The upper part the net was buoyed logs wood, the bottom was heavily leaded, and the whole attached two anchors, one weighing, the other Sometimes the struggles the captives are rewarded a dragging away both anchors and nets, but this occasion there was no such ill luck. The net, in position, presented a wall fourteen feet high and 1 yards long, and was placed straight athwart the tide. What happened may safely conjectured. The dugong, in happy innocence, ate greedily the succulent sea growths, cleaving its way in the most workmanlike manner, but was suddenly stopped a strange barrier into which had some how thrust its bovine snout Being a remarkably timid creature, took fright, lost what in such creatures tantamount presence mind, struggled hard, and got hopelessly entangled. Now and then a dugong found wrapped round as with the folds a hammock, and the net has cut away piecemeal. As often as not, the dugongs thus drown themselves frantic efforts escape but when a partial entanglement permits them follow their instinct and come the surface, they are taken alive.