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That the industry has languished must admitted, but there are three reasons that will assist explain why.

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The colonist loves put his capital into an assured investment, or in a venture that may reasonably expected yield a large profit and quick return. Land, with cattle and sheep, in more recent years, sugar plantations, are the favourite investments. The utilisation the dugong has not hitherto attracted suflicient capital give the industry a fair chance. Faith in has been confined a few only knowledge respecting not widespread. The men who have engaged in arc not known have made their fortunes.

In a colony where mortgages and building societies give a safe eight per cent for money, people not care run risks or adventure largely.

Here, then, have the first need help in writing essays reason.

The next illustrates the folly overweening hurry get rich. buy original research papers Dr. Hobbs, before mentioned, played the part pioneer, formed a fishing station at his own cost upon the island St Helena, and customized research paper probably lost a good deal money. article writers He received a medal at the Paris Exposition 1 for his oil, and public attention was directed the novelty.

But byand-by the fishery fell into other hands, and rather than admit that the supply could not equal the demand, the short-sighted individuals adulterated the pure product with shark oil, which at its best estate, altogether unsavoury. The mischief being successfully accomplished, these over-cute traders were astonished and indignant at the cessation orders from the old country.

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The imperfect appliances must also brought into account.

The oil-makers who have taken the trade have done their best, and worked hard, but they have not gone far enough. A standing depot shore will not suffice. The dugong travels along the coast, and should followed into tropical seas, amongst the islands recently acquired the Queensland Government, and, if necessary, even dangerous New Guinea. What required a brig or schooner fitted whaling principles, carrying experts who will make themselves acquainted with the best methods extracting oil, and, for seamen and operators, picked men having buy academic papers a pecuniary research paper for sale interest in the success the experiment. It would easy set a portable boiling apparatus shore, where wood for firing ready hand. There now regular communication from Thursday Island, along the entire eastern coast Queensland, one whose ports should fixed upon as head quarters. Experience proves that the dugong will dissertation proposal not come the station shore, but the contrary, apt desert once favoured haunts. The hunter, therefore, must the dugong. The dugong stated plentiful through the Mala an archipelago, but there would no necessity work far away from civilisation, at least until the Queensland waters were exhausted. If buoyant young men, seeking an outlet for superfluous energy, and willing embark a little capital in an enterprise that offers legitimate roving, spiced with a moderate amount excitement, will make inquiries and procure reliable data upon this subject, I believe they will find worth consideration.