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There were two or three cloudy days, and summer lightning often in the evening.

The ship being in no class crowded, good humour prevailed naturally.

In a little manuscript sheet written and published, per electric pen, a second-class passenger, at the end the voyage, and sold fore and aft at a shilling per copy, the startling statement occurred My humble opinion that animal life too much indulged board ship, for nowhere else the paraphrasing websites saying Who greater than that serves V more strikingly verified. In most cases the cooks and stewards are for the nonce infinitely superior those they wait upon, as greater that feeds the donkey than the donkey who fed.

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The author this outburst must have been a sour soul, and much too economical in the employment truth.

It a common error suppose that homeward-bound vessels from Australia are scenes riotous living, gambling, and roughness. It may have been in the olden times.

But the lucky digger to-day generally a man who digs his gold vicariously, and receives his gold dust in the shape dividends.

Be that as may, our life board the John Elder was in the main eminently genteel The captain the ship would not allow otherwise. At eleven o'clock all lights were extinguished, academic writing help uk and even the smoking saloon deck was closed. Excess in drinking would immediately followed an order the barman stop the drinker's supply. Perhaps the afore-quoted author was a vegetarian whose indignation was aroused the liberally furnished tables. The ordinary complaint the ocean traveller used severe against the food supplied now seems taking an opposite direction though why loyalty the knife and fork should considered animal life puzzles From the number quadrupeds and poultry slaughtered every day, one would fancy animal death would nearer the mark.

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Yet astonishing observe how much honest and steady eating achieved a long voyage, and at first sight does seem as if feeding the sole object existence. Let The luxury lolling about the decks in pyjamas and bare feet must not indulged in after breakfast at nine o'clock, which hour the ladies will about. The more active the gentlemen will have then had two or three hours gossip in free and easy attire, and attitude. The six baths were occupied according a time-table drawn the stewards suit the convenience passengers and as the unpunctuality one would throw the entire arrangement out gear, there was a source excitement and amusement provided for every day. At half-past six every morning the first table in the saloon, and another table deck, would laid with tea, coffee, and cocoa, biscuits and butter, as daintily served as at a first-class hotel, and then would produced the cigarette or pipe puffed over the rail, or from the lounging chairs. At nine o'clock breakfast came, and thanks the ice-house, delicacies all kinds could kept for weeks. Fruit, fish, and vegetables would seem as fresh the Line as if they had come from yesterday's market The breakfast menu always contained eight different dishes, and frequently a dozen. The Italian baker sent out rolls the like ihich can produced in London at but few establishments the cooks had graduated in the high branches the profession, and the cover letter writing services variety methods in admission essay services which they cooked potatoes that could eaten with a relish proved as conclusively as their curries and other entries that they were worthy their important trust At half-past twelve the luncheon bell rang. There would soup, and two or three hot side dishes, but the mainstay would cold meats and salad. Dinner here, as ashore, the event the day was fixed for half-past five soups, fish, essay writing websites tntreeSy joints, geese, turkeys, ducks, fowls, or pigeons, as the case might delicious pastry, dessert, ices, and coffee. The wine list was varied and reasonable, and there was a claret the whole vintage which had been purchased some years ago the company. It was fit for any reasonable person, and the price was eighteenpence per bottle.