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None the less, I glad think that Lord Coleridge has spoken in favour a form remedy that must not lightly abandoned.

ONE course that has obviously adopted in case such actions are abolished, strengthen the laws against seduction this extent, at least, that some compensation may made a woman herself whose seduction essay writing help for students has been accomplished under a promise marriage. At cheap dissertation editing services essay writers present, as known, the only remedy an action a parent for loss service. As a subject not too convenient for discussion in a magazine aiming at a general circulation, I leave the question, which, in case any change attempted, can hardly fail commend itself legal minds.

Bpt this even does not meet the difficulties.

It course, possible for a man, an offer marriage, secure a girl himself during the whole period her highest attractiveness, and then dismiss her. If the law refuse consider this assignment writing services an offence, what remedy open a woman? Jove not the only creature, divine or other, who laughs at lovers perjuries. Yet, what offence under certain conditions, more cowardly or more cruel ? A girl may have some To drag the creature through the mire And kick him till his toe shall tire but she also may not. While give women no voice in legislation, must not too readily remove the small check there upon masculine cowardice.

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As matters stand, the reluctance a modest and wellnurtured girl bring into a court what or has been, most sacred her, confers one the most cowardly proceedings practical THE news that several persons have been killed and a large number wounded at need to write an essay a bull fight in Marseilles may well cause custom written paper consternation in the minds those who watch the progress Republican France.

When I was last in the south France I heard entertainments more or less closely approaching bull-fights being given in the Amphitheatre at Nismes, and in one or two other places.

These, however, I was told, were in every way less cruel and less dangerous than the proceedings over the Spanish frontier.

The same journals, however, which mention the accident at Marseilles, state that two toreadors have been wounded in the course a bull-fight in Nismes.

Hitherto the bull-fight has been the crowning and individual infamy dissertation consultant the Spaniards, the most cruel races claiming a quasi-civilisation. That Europe ceased at the Pyrenees, and that at the other side the African asserted himself, was the statement one the most eminent French statesmen. Deplorable indeed would for the future humanity if that Republican Government which all turn who hope for the future the world should tolerate atrocities which Bourbon and Bonaparte alike suppressed. Influence Neighbouring People upon France.

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IT I venture think, only in the south France that paraphrasing service such cruelty as seen at a bull-fight could placidly contemplated medical personal statement writing urgent custom essays service the French public. In these districts the blood impetuous and hot and there but one important city southern France, Aries, the streets which not retain memories fearful massacre. It cannot well, especially under present conditions, familiarise with bloodshed those whose passions are easily roused. Of all people the French seem assimilate most what characteristic in the inhabitants adjacent countries. A Basque the French pro vinces not easily discernible from his neighbour the other side the mountains an inhabitant French Flanders almost a Belgian, and an Alsatian but little removed from a German. Whatever else France may she must not, if the mission assigned her the hopes free men fulfilled the benefit the world, allow proximity Spain Africanise her institutions. IN Mr. Lang delightful book, The Library, one the most attractive contributions bibliographical knowledge paraphrasing matters recent lays, there an assumption against which, as a bibliomaniac, I feel bound protest.