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The dugong hide not, writing services us as might supposed from its solidity, composed gross material, for its delicate nature such that, properly boiled down, yields a jelly as acceptable and beneficial invalids as calf's-foot The gentlemen who conducted over the depot at Stradbroke Island had boundless faith thesis writing services uk in the dugong hide, and believed that, reduced machinery, would make excellent leather for general purposes.

write my essay paper The flesh the dugong next claimed our attention. It cut off the carcass in flitches and slabs, and from the same animal taken meat resembling beef, veal, and bacoa I have eaten in each form, and can testify its excellence, and the way in which has been palmed off upon knowing men as prime fillets beef, cutlets veal, and rashers superior bacon.

If the dugong not properly fat, turned chiefly into bacon should however, present a layer neariy two inches thick, the snow-white fat used for a more important purpose, presently described.

The lean flesh, beeflike in the mature, pay to have essay written and veal-like in the young animals, eaten fresh or salted for food.

The bacon flitch in size, colour, and streakiness, if hung in an English pork-butcher's shop, might easily taken for a section the side a true Wiltshire hog and the only difference detected in the eating would in the dugong, an absence the strong flavour too often found in the pork.

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And a mature dugong, twelve feet long or thereabouts, would weigh nearly a ton.

It worthy mention, too, before passing from the flesh this animal, buy a research paper for college that the meat from the calf always the best, and that recommended the faculty consumptive persons, reason its undoubted strengthening qualities. From the dugong's head the fishermen get professional paper writing service their own quickly secured tit-bit in a happy blending fat and lean with the gelatinous portions, which, carefully cooked, becomes, when cold, a delicious ready-made brawn. The flippers, a good deal boiled, make capital soup.

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The bones the dugong, being great density, close-grained, and capable taking a high polish, might probably used in substitution for ivory. The ivory tusks are in To this catalogue practical uses must now added the most valuable them all, namely, the production oil.

Australia at the present time absorbs nearly all the dugong oil that manufactured but idle suppose that either the capabilities the Queensland waters for supplying the dugong, or the utilisation the creature when captured, have been thoroughly tested the supply never abreast the demand.

Little known the habits the dugong the exact range its habitat has not been defined. But the research proposal papers for sale value dugong oil established beyond doubt To Dr. Hobbs, an esteemed dissertation consulting and long resident public man in Brisbane, belongs the credit the discovery and his early description the therapeutic qualities the oil, based upon experiments with his own patients, remains not only unquestioned, but confirmed the exi erience five-and-twenty years. It possesses all the medicinal qualities cod-liver oil, without the unpleasant taste that familiar curative. In its pure state can taken without disagreeing with most sensitive stomach. I have myself used instead butter with toast have eaten delicate pastjy made from dugong lard have fried fish with and, as a consequence, have never since ceased wdnder that some better effort custom research paper writing services not attempted make more widely known. Consumption, the scourge the old country, finds an unfriendly atmosphere in Queensland, where I have known consumptives, landing with the disease all appearance hopelessly advanced, become in a few years healthy if not robust. Yet, even there, the most marvellous effects are attributed dugong oil in cases rheumatism, and wasting as well as ordinary consumption. I met with a personal statement service medical school well-authenticated instance a man who was unable take medicine or nourishment, kept alive an outward applicatioa the lard sediment dugong oil. It was rubbed constantly into the skin, and lard plasters w.ere kept the pit the stomach, until the patient was able take the oil in the ordinary manner, i need help starting my essay and rejoice in ultimate recovery. And I have known ladies who shuddered at the bare notion swallowing oil, derive benefits from its adaptation all manner culinary purposes. riie process extracting the oil at Stradbroke Island was, I presume, that followed in the few stations engaged in If the dugong, as explained a previous page, offered enough fatty inducement, the bacon was boiled down, and the oil run off through a tap, or removed the more homely device skimming.