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And mind, I will not hive you moping indoors this lovely day.

I can drop you and yomr modier at St Mark's and come and fetch you there afterwards.

I ahoaldnt surprised if this truant lover, whom you haven't seen fior aboot seventeen hours, happened come with Mass was over, the congregation dispersed, when modier and daughter stepped from the sunlit piazza, filled with a holiday crowd, into the ruddy gloom the wonderful church. A doud incense best dissertation writing services still lingering overhead seemed give a quiver life die olemn company saints and angels glowing through the mellow hate around and above them, while here and there some dendcr daft light played pretty tricks with the dark walls and gfitteringmotaiciL Mrs. Bradford was soon settled a chair and, opening, htr guide book, conscientiously took her study die cattedial fiMi the exact point where she had last left but Violet was too ill at oase remain quietly seated her side, and wandered through the -empty aisles, listlessly gazing about her.

She had taken off her hat, for her head was aching, and flitting hither and thither among the pillars, she looked not unlike one the fair-haired angels that brackets high aloft keep guard over the carven porches. Presently, passing behind the high altar, where a sacristan was extinguishing the candles, she remembered Mario's remarks Paolo Venezia, and stopped examine that master's quaint old panel. Suddenly in the quiet church she heard a well-known footstep write my history essay approaching her retreat, and the next moment her lover stood beside her. His face was pale, his eyes glittered strangely, that her exclamation joy died away upon her lips. With tightly clasped hands they looked at each other in silence. Violet was the first speak.

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Why you look at strangely, Mario, and why did you never come back yesterday ? The young man's lips quivered glanced round with a terrified You are mine, Violet, mine for ever ? whispered in a Do you not know ? she returned with a tender smile, her candid eyes full trustful love. Always mine, whatever may happen ! cried.

Oh love, love, I the wTetchedest men ! They will try part but promise believe nothing you are told all a hideous plot against our happiness.

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And, suddenly throwing his arm round her, pressed her him vehemently that Violet struggled from his hold, panting with shame and fright Had suddenly become mad that dared behave wildly ? Oh Mario I she stammered reproachfully, I must back You will not let them part ! cried again, without moving, still holding one her hands too tightly for her release still fixing his hot eyes her innocent, blushing face. I will not let you till you promise true disbelieve all you hear I How could I live without your love ! The poor girl could have shrieked in her fear certainly must I don't understand you, dear, she murmured soothingly.

No one will part nothing changed since yesterday ! Yesterday Don't speak yesterday ! exclaimed fiercely. Only promise, promise love whatever you may hear ! You are good angel if you forsake I lost, lost I Violet was trembling now as much as her companion.

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Tl passionate, raving man, with bloodshot eyes and disordered hair, convulsively crushing her fingers in his grasp, was very difTerent from the gay and gallant gentleman who only yesterday was teaching her sing Venetian songs and gently guiding her hand over the strings his guitar. And she was revolted as well as frightened, for how, how could thus forget himself in this consecrated place ? Oh ! pray don't speak wildly, and affordable ghostwriters you must let I want mamma ? Ah, she coming ! and with a cry relief she wrenched her hand from Mario's grasp and sprang towards Mrs. Bradford, who was leisurely coming round the altar in search her child. Mario made no attempt follow her and with a stiHed cry fury, hurried away across the church and disappeared through a No wonder that poor Violet had been scared his violence, for was half maddened rage and disappointment Only that morning had learnt that she who was now his wife had passed a tranquil night and was miraculously better that her recovery was no longer despaired Mario had saved her life, the doctor said, and added words approval and congratulation that were the bitterest mockeries the ears the wretched man. Saved her life ! And was yearning for her death, filled pay someone to write paper with a ferocious longing clutch at her wasted throat and strangle her there her order custom essay sick bed. Then, sickening with a horror born rather cowardice than remorse, had rushed away from the house, and after wandering at random through a labyrinth narrow ways found himself near an open door St. Mark's.