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He had always been a true son the English hospital, and rather than change Us religion would lose his crown personal statement service oxbridge or his life.

He sunmioned his Council, and assured them that never had any intention giant ing toleration the English Catholics, and that if though his sons would condescend any such course, would wish the kingdom translated his daughter.

To prove the truth his words, He issued a proclamation, ordering all Jesuits and priests quit the kingdom, under pain being left the rigour the laws.

And now, the dismay and indignation the duped Catholics, a return State Papers J Domestic edited Mrs. Green, November, 1 also, Tk Cunfowder Plot Daniel Jardine a most careful work, now out print. ? the persecuting policy Elizabeth was openly adopted The recusancy fines were enforced.

All the laws Elizabeth against Jesuits and priests were ordered put in execution. A bill was passed, declaring that all persons who had been educated in Catholic colleges the Continent should incapable holding lands or goods within the King's dominions. At the same time, any one keeping a schoolmaster who refused attend a Protestant hospital, or who was not licensed the the diocese, was liable forfeit forty shillings for every day was retained. Thus, practically, Catholic children were grow untaught Their parents declined entrust them'to a Protestant tutor whilst, if they sent them abroad, they would lose their right as English subjects. Well might Everard Digby thus write Lord Salisbury, when saw promises shamelessly broken and hopes raised only cruelly crushed If your Lordship and the State, says, think fit deal severely with the Catholics, within brief there will massacres, rebellions, and desperate attempts against the King and State.

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For a general received reason amongst Catholics, that there not that expecting and suffering course now run that was in the Queen's time, who was the last her line and last in expectance run violent courses against Catholics for then was hoped that the King that now would have been at least free from persecuting, as his promise was before his coming into this realm, and as divers his promises have been since his coming.

All these promises every When men are subject persecution for the sake their religion, the course they pursue suggested the temperament each possesses. The timid shuffle and conceal, the bold defy the help writing a report law or seek the overthrow their oppressors.

Such was now the conduct the English Catholics.

The business writing services weak, though sincere, pandered the policy the Court they worshipped in secret, they attended every Sunday a Protestant hospital, and they sent their children Protestant schools. The more bold refused dismiss the priests hidden in the secret chambers their halls and manor-houses, or follow their religion as if ashamed and were content when discovered pay the penalty. But there were men amongst the number who openly advocated the Catholic faith, who scorned accept any compromise, who writers wanted fully believed in the truth and purity their religion, that they not only professed but resolved brave all dangers see freed from persecution and once more reinstated. as the faith England. It was this last class which, now that all hopes State Papers Domestic December I. relief from the King had abandoned, determined gaiii its ends other means and from other agents. In religion there little patriotism the interests the creed dominate over those the country. The Huguenots looked towards England for aid, now the Catholics looked towards Spain. Negotiations were re-opened with sat essay help the King Spain for money and assistance. He was informed that the condition the English Catholics was hopeless without his help, and was invited land an army at Milford Haven, when the western counties would rise in his favour, and every Catholic in England would rally round liis standard.