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Her first idea was throw one the curtains round her, but there was no time, and she stood motionless in the dark, listening, under the impression that Claude had heard her come A low cough undeceived her, and a chill horror ran through her frame as she realised the He must have been awake and watchful, and she stood there trying stop the beating her heart, as she felt that she had been But Gartram slowly crossed the room, and in imagination she saw his hands outstretched as felt his way avoid coming in contact with the table.

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The next moment her spiritsbegan rise, for she understood why had come down. There was no doubt about for she heard his hands touch the cabinet, the lock snap, and then there was a sharp, clicking sound, and she knew that had knocked Confoundedly dark ! muttered and Sarah Woodham held her breath as she heard She knew well enough what meant.

He had gone a side table, and was feeling for the silver match-box which always stood Sarah stretched out a hand behind her as she took a step backward. Then she paused, for a sudden silence in the room warned her that Gartram was listening. But the next moment the rattling the matches was heard, and crick, crick, crack, the striking one upon a metallic box, and a line faint sparks threw for the moment the figure Gartram, with his back her bending over the table a black silhouette seen for a moment, and then all profound darkness once more.

Crick, crick, crack! two bright points light, then a flash, but the curtain was drawn aside, and fell back in front the woman as the match blazed and, though she could not see, Sarah Woodham felt that Gartram had turned sharply and was holding the burning wax match give a hasty glance round the room, before applied a candle standing The perspiration oozed out upon her brow, for she felt that her master must have seen the curtain quivering, and coming drag aside.

What shall I say ? she thought.

But Gartram did not come the curtain and, gaining courage, Sarah peered cautiously, but with her the best writing service heart do my college paper for me beating wildly, through the narrow opening between the two curtains, see him back the cabinet, pick the fallen bottle, remove the cork, pour a certain amount into a medicine glass, set down, after had tossed off the liquid, and then close Hah ! ejaculated, scholarship essay help with a sigh satisfaction and Sarah Woodham shivered again as the cold dank moisture gathered together, first in dew, then in the great drops agonv upon her face, and slowly trickled down. It did not seem as if Gartram was suspicious, and likely come toward the window but the terror from which she suffered became acute that she felt as if she must cry out in her alarm for seemed as if fate was now working with her, and that now she would able sleep without the haunting horror her husband's presence always near her, always upbraiding her for the task she had left undone. Hah ! ejaculated Gartram again and she heard him move, but she did not dare stir see if were coming toward need help with scholarship essay the curtain. It appeared like an hour before the light was suddenly extinguished, research papers on best buy and a heavy, dull sound steps going over the carpet was heard then the door handle rattled, and she felt that she was safe.

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But was only for a moment a low muttering arose, and the steps came back into the room then there was a heavy creaking noise springs and stiff leather, and she knew that Gartram had thrown himself There was a pause, during which the listener could count the heavy, slow beating her heart, which seemed stop directly, buy research papers no plagiarism as Gartram spoke aloud, The very sight a bed seems drive away.

As if there was no more rest.

Rich beyond wildest dreams, and what but a curse ! If I could only sleep if I could only There was a long, low, piteous sigh, followed mutterings, some slow and gently uttered, others quick and angry.

Then a long pause, during which, with heavily-beating heart, the woman stood listening for her master's next utterances, and thinking how this man prayed for sleep. What then if came now ? He took these drugs for sleep suppose that sleep were come the long, long, restful sleep from which there no waking here ? Her eyes seemed pierce the heavy cloth which hung between them, and she i need help writing saw him going off into a deeper and deeper sleep, saw the day come stealing in through the cracks, and a faint and ghastly ray fall athwart the hard, stern face the sleeping man, which she felt, as in a nightmare, compelled watch, as writing services online grew more grey and hard and fixed. Then there were sounds without in the hall. She knew the step, was Claude's, english essay help and there was a tap at the door, and a voice calling gently, Father papa. Father, dear, are you Claude, darling, she moaned, as the girl entered and went softly the chair lay her hand gently upon his brow and then there was a sigh as buying essays she bent down, kissed him, Sarah Woodham's heart seemed still and frozen within her, and the horrible feeling dread and despair increased, real had all this seemed. But was a vision conjured a guilty brain, for was still dark, and there was no sound in the room but a regular, heavy breathing, telling that Gartram had found at last the sleep that refused obey Sarah listened. He was asleep, and the trembling and dread came upon her again, horribly emphasised, but followed a sensation full resentment, as Gartram turned suddenly in his chair, and said loudly, Curse him ! It was no fault mine. He seems haunt Is there never any Sarah Woodham had clutched the curtain, and held tightly in her hand as spoke, and she stood there in the darkness gazing in the direction the chair, resentful and fierce now the feelings remorse were all swept away, and the cold, stem determination with which she had received her husband's commands came back. An hour must have passed before she attempted move then her hand went slowly a bottle thrust into her breast, and she stepped slowly out from the embayment the window stand close the sleeping man, listening his heavy, stertorous breathing for some time before silently crossing the study, A few minutes later she was in her own room, heaving a piteous sigh as she gazed out at the faint light in the east before throwing herself, dressed, upon the bed, and sleeping Here I again, Glyddyr. How are you Glyddyr was seated in the cabin his yacht, thinking over his position, and how long would before Claude would consent the He had no fear his ultimate success, for had seen enough Gartram know that his will was law, and that, even if Claude were thoroughly opposed the match, she But could not conceal from himself the fact that might a long time first, press how might and till then would the abject slave the man in whose clutches He had not seen the boat leave the shore, where his men had gone obtain stores, and.