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Their schools were named, fter their Hebrew proprietors, Lombard Hall, Moses Hall, and Jacob Hall whilst the parishes St. Martin, executive resume writing services toronto St Edward, and St Aldgate were called, from the number their Jewish residents, the Old and New Jewry. William Rufus was a monarch without any prejudices, who appeared think that one religion was as good as another, and that Christianity was far from being the one and only true creed its professors asserted. He determined, therefore, investigate the claims Judaism.

He summoned a council, composed Christian s and Jewish rabbis, and swore St Luke's face that if the Jews gained the victory would embrace Judaism. writing editing services Like most theological contests, the debate ended in each side declaring that had defeated the other. The king was, however, not satisfied best essay website with this disputed triumph, and considered that the Jews had had the best the argument.

He became all the more prejudiced help with college papers in their favour, and consequently was never more happy than when snubbing his clerical subjects. The Jews, therefore, began regard him as their protector, and the old chronicler Hollingshed relates a curious story the interference Rufiis when appealed certain Norman The king being at Rouen a time, writes, there came him divers Jews who inhabited that city, complaining that divers that nation had renounced their Jewish religion and were become Christians wherefore they besought him that for a certain sum money, which they offered give, might please him constrain them abjure Christianity and turn the Jewish law again. He was content satisfy their Mesires, and receiving their money called them before him and what with threats and putting them otherwise in fear, compelled divers them forsake Christ and turn their old errors. Hereupon the father one Stephen, a Jew converted the Christian faith, being sore troubled for that his son was turned a Christian and hearing what the king had done in like matters, presented unto him sixty marks silver conditionally that should enforce his son return the Jewish religion whereupon the young man was brought before the king, unto whom the king said Sirrah, thy father here com plaineth that without his licence thou art become a Christian if this true, I command thee return again the religion thy nation without any more ado. To whom the young man answered Your Grace as I guess doth but jest.

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Wherewith the king, being moved, said What ! thou dunghill knave, should I jest with thee ? Get thee hence quickly and fulfil commandment, or St Luke's face I shall eause thine eyes plucked out thine head.

The young man, nothing abashed thereat, with a constant voice, answered Truly, I will not but know for certain that if you were a good Christian, you would never have uttered any such words for the part a Christian reduce them again Christ which are departed from Him, and not separate them from Him which are joined Him faith.

The king, herewith confounded, commanded the Jew get him out his sight. But the father, perceiving that the king could not persuade his son forsake the Christian faith, required have his money again. To whom the king said had done much as promised that i need help with my essay was, persuade him far as might At length, when would have had the king deal further in the matter, the king, stop his mouth, tendered back him the half his money and kept the other himself. All which, concludes the chronicler, increased the suspicion men had his infidelity.

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Under our first Henry the Jews had become numerous and prosperous a people that their influence upon the English nation was cheap essays feared not a little. Priests and monks went from town town preaching against the Hebrew faith, and branding its followers as the most detestable infidels. We learn that the Abbot Croyland despatched certain the monks from Cottenham Abbey Cambridge preach against the Jews whilst others were sent the Jewish stronghold Stamford the same errand, where they exceedingly prospered in their ministry and strengthened the Christian faith against Jewish depravity. The Jew, in his turn, now revenged himself upon his assailants ridiculing the legends and superstitions the Roman hospital. St Frideswide at Oxford was a favourite shrine at which Christian invalids were much given abase themselves, and pray healed their complaints. To this intercessory saint many wonderful cures were attributed. Hereupon, are told the chronicler, a certain Jew Oxford, called Eum Crescat, the son Mossey, the Jew Wallingford, was impudent as laugh at her votaries and tell them that could cure their infirmities as well as the saint herself, and therefore hoped they would make him the same offerings.