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He would, if possible, have avoided thinking him.

Perhaps this may have come merely from the unlucky accident which had been prevented from being with Mr. Varlowe the last, and which doctor was the innocent cause. But, whatever its source, the feeling in Clement's mind was there.

He no longer thought with eagerness doctor's great scheme. He shrank from the idea taking part in or allying his fortunes in any way with doctor's leadership.

Sometimes felt that this was ungrateful and unworthy his part, and tried put away the thought or stifle but would come In the old days, when men believed in ghosts, sometimes happened that one was dimly, darkly conscious the presence some spectral visitant in the room with him. He saw nothing, heard nothing out the common, but the air was chill with the mysterious unseen presence and as darkness looks with its hundred eyes, this invisible companionship made its presence palpable its myriad touches.

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Somewhat in the same way a phantom had arisen custom writing cheap between Clement Hope and doctor. Unseen, its presence was felt Voiceless, bade Clement stand apart from doctor.

Clement as very busy for some few days. He threw an unresting energy now into all had relieved him from grief, and indeed energy belonged his nature, long as had been suppressed There were writer paper many matters business arrange in consequence Mr, Varlowe's death. There were two wills made Mr. Varlowe, one several years standing, with the contents which Clement was familiar.

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It left everything him, in the event the missing son not reappearing if the son should reappear, divided the property equally between Clement and buy essay papers him.

The second will, made shortly before Varlowe's death, left the whole Clement unconditionally. The property, in houses and in money, was very considerable.

Clement would a comparatively rich man should the son not reappear even should the son come back and the division take place, would still have more money than wanted or cared for. He was resolved that would not lead an idle life any more. The one thing that had tried and troubled him during the life his benefactor was the way in which had live striving for nothing, accomplishing nothing. Until lately had hoped devote himself doctor's scheme and doctor's service now no longer felt any inclination that way. But doctor had shown him a path tread. Why should not found a new colony for himself, smaller proportions, indeed, and a much paraphrasing citation more modest principle than doctor's vast enterprise, but a new colony, where striving, high-hearted men and women, now borne down the cruel conditions life in great cities, paraphrasing and summarizing should breathe free fresh air, and earn a happy living eneigy and combination? The idea grew more and more fascinating as Clement turned over day and night That way, felt, his indina tions, his capacity, and his ambition lay. There was nothing else left in our modern civilisation for one who had a real longing great work which should satisfy his own energy and serve his fellows. The scheme had an alluring savour romance and heroism about It was nobler than mere exploring.