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This theory has been disputed, and therefore something like an instantia cruets required test severely, Such a crucial test afforded the severe weather the beginning June this year, which in some parts Europe was cold enough kill assignment writing help in dubai large numbers the summer swallows. Sladek, writing Nature from Prague, says that in the neighbourhood that city they have been found dead hundreds. If I right, and no further migration supplies their place, there will a plague mosquitoes thereabouts, help with homework handwriting wherever there are pools water supplying the gnats with breeding-grounds. If any readers should visiting this or other parts the Continent where the swallows have been stricken, their observations the autumnal supply mosquitoes will interesting, and I shall THE meteorology 1 1 likely become historical. Here, and over a considerable area the temperate zone, have had one the coldest known winters, followed strange fluctuations in the spring and early summer, and this again July heat almost unparalleled intensity. All this was preceded an unusual period solar quiescence.

According the received sun-spot period, the solar outbreaks that have recently occurred commenced behind their time.

Owing a complication circumstances that I need not narrate, the sun has radiated into the scientific world a considerable amount moral as well as physical heat, and sun-spots like Cyprus, Afghanistan, and the Transvaal have been battle-fields party warfare. True, there one great difference between scientific and political partisanship the political partisan parades his partisanship, and makes a virtue his one-sided blindness order custom essay while the scientific partisan always more or less ashamed his position, and usually disclaims The warm question whether the solar activity displayed the outbreaking sun-spots and solar prominences has any appreciable effect terrestrial climate, and whether should have special observatories, with salaries attached need help to write an essay for the prosecution a branch science which has been contemptuously described as sunspottery.

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It goes without saying that the warmth the first question derived from the second vide italics, and therefore I That terrestrial climate, with all its variations, an effect solar radiations need not argued that modifications the cause should produce fluctuations in the effect not an extravagant assumption and therefore the violent convulsions, the vigorous stirrings the solar furnace which produce the spots and prominences may reasonably expected affect our climate as well as our magnetic needles.

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At first glance the subject, may seem very easy determine this comparing meteorological observations with sun-spot records but such not the case for, even if had observatories in every country the earth, three-fourths its surface that the ocean would still left. As only know the weather a very small fraction the earth's surface, and thus cannot get at any Our own island situated in the midst its most variable climatic region, just where the tropical currents may graze the surface to-day, and those from the Arctic Circle to-morrow.

It even possible that an increase general solar activity may increase the I suspect that such was the case during the winter that last endured.

At that time the sun was over the southern tropical zone the other side the Equator. What would the effect a general excess heat there ? The usual ascent the warmer air would augmented, and the southward flow cold air from the Arctic regions increased. Now, such an increase our side would give more than our usual share polar currents down here, while the upper regions the air, in temperate latitudes, would warmed This actually occurred last winter and the winter before.

In the Engadine and other regions the high Alps, the weather was phenomenally warm, while unusually cold at and about sea level At the new French Observatory the Puy Dome, having an elevation about, feet, a similar vagary climate was observed.

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If I right, the heat thus carried northwards the upper atmosphere currents has been doing its work upon the accumulations Arctic ice, and our share the solar beneficence but temporarily delayed. At any rate, let hope as need a cycle good harvests compensate for the general impoverishment the nation has endured in consequence the diminished home production the primary necessaries life during the last three or four years HAS the moon any atmosphere? This question has been much discussed. That cannot have a considerable atmosphere certain, seeing that in all cases occultation stars or planets the moon the extinction the star the moon's edge An atmosphere would refract the rays coming from the star, and, this bending round, render the star visible after the edge the moon had covered the visible star-image would linger for a while approaching the moon's edge, just as the sun appears lingering above the horizon after has actually set. But what this visible edge the moon ? So mountainous our satellite, that, when look athwart its rotundity, see only the summits its mountains, our line vision skipping across the intermediate valleys. Thus there may some small amount atmospheric matter lying in these valleys, but thinning imperceptible rarity before reaches the mountain-tops. Some curious appearances observed the lower levels the moon have led skilful observers claim for a very thin need help with research paper atmospheric envelope, or at any rate doubt the total absence atmospheric matter. Thus, Mr. Webbe says that there are residuary phenomena such for instance, the extraordinary profusion brilliant points which, rare occasions, diversify the Mare Crisium difficult interpretation, that may judge wisest avoid too positive an This Mare Crisium one the lunar plains or lower levels, and seems show something like the formation and dissipation a trace hoar-frost at its evening and morning time.