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In the reign the Grand Monarqne there would have been no such rival or even tributary court possible as that the Hotel Rambouillet. Louis XIV. with that faculty for discerning and for assembling help with comparative essay about him all the superior men in his best essay writers review kingdom a faculty which possessed a degree equalled only perhaps in our Elizabeth would sheer force his royal predominance have disintegrated the court Madame Rambouillet ancj attached her followers himself.

There was, however, when she first opened her doors, no intellectual influence either emanating firom or attracting the Court, and there was, the other hand, a real need for some hospitable resort for men letters, where they could assemble and meet their patrons, introduce their works, discuss literary subjects, fashion and polish language, and decide questions which could only decided a mixed assembly. Science has as much learn as teach in the formation a language usage, belusage as Vaugelas the poet called must taken into account, and in Madame Rambouillet's ruelle princes the blood and men all ranks, and women diflferent ranks, met a common ground duchesses visited her, was said, although she was not a princess. She held the thread conversation and prevented the monopoly speech, while subjects all kinds were suggested and handled. Often proofreading an essay language was the subject vicious forms locution were censured and better ones proposed, modifications in orthography were considered, some words were condemned as vulgar or antiquated, others rescued from disuse the pronunciation others was fixed in forms which are still, in some cases, retained.

A doctoral dissertation little word, such as car would defended and saved from being set aside as superfluous the word serge was henceforth not pronounced sargey nor Rome and homme Roume and houme.

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The Hotel Rambouillet has been called the cradle the Academy, because the work the Academy was there anticipated. Others have said that Richelieu, jealous Madame Rambouillet's control public opinion, founded as a counterpoise. And although neither these assertions may altogether true, yet certain that the Academy existed facto before Richelieu gave a name and local habitation, and also that the intellectual wave which owed its origin, if did not flow from the Hotel Rambouillet, flowed through for the original members the Academy were all them at one time or other visitors at the Hotel The charm the reunions was their easiness.

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The hostess herself had the bold courtesy which breeding gives, and was never afraid committing herself or perpetrating a solecism in good manners, for she made manners, and what she did became correct The word ruelW literally means the space left between one side the bed and the wall in this space ladies the seventeenth customized research paper century were accuslomed receive their guests, the modern salon or drawing-room not having yet been invented hence the word ruelle was used for reception. The Academic Franjaisc was founded in 1 Cardinal Richelieu fix and polish the language.

It composed forty members, and the first tion the Academy Dictionary was published in 1. when she did She was, moreover, a friend upon whom each one her guests could count she the best friends, says Tallemant her guests are sure the inviolability her hospitality and then tells that Richelieu sent hire essay writer Pfere Joseph one day tell her that was very anxious serve her help me write a personal statement husband in some substantial way, but that in return would ask her him a little favour behoved a prime minister never lose an opportunity gaining information would Madame Rambouillet find out for him what intrigue Madame Princesse and the Cardinal Valette were carrying But, says Tallemant, His Eminence had gone the wrong person for treachery. Father, she replied fearlessly, I not think they are carrying any intrigues, but even if they were the But time describe the famous Blue Room where Arth nice presided and received sat essay writing help her guests.

The original Hotel Rambouillet, which stood where the modem Palais Royal now was sold Richelieu, who reconstructed and called the Palais Cardinal, and Monsieur and Madame Rambouillet lived at help writing a report the Hotel Pisani, Rue St. Thomas Louvre now Rue Louvre, which was Madame Rambouillet inheritance from her father.

It was an old-fashioned house, and inconveniently arranged, but well situated between the Hotel Chevreuse the one side and the Hospice des Quinze Vingts the other. All the hotels in Paris, at this time, were arranged one plan custom writing essays services a hall at one side, a room at the other, and a staircase in the middle there was no such thing known as a suite rooms no one write my paper for money before Madame Rambouillet had ever thought putting the staircase in one the angles an hotel, as allow space for a suite rooms, says Tallemant Innovations, as all who have an inventive genius like Madame Rambouillet know experience, which depend upon the co-operation tradesmen accustomed work in one groove, are hard accomplish. There nothing more conservative in such matters than the usual workman, and much the commonplace architecture and upholstery which ordinary people submit due the resistance with which novel suggestions are met upon the part those who execute manual labour. But Madame Rambouillet was not an ordinary person, baffled resistance. When alterations in the hotel were first suggested Monsieur Rambouillet, This Hospice Quinze Vingts, built some pious ladies whose husbands lost their eyes in the wars the Crusades, was intended hold three hundred fifteen times twenty blind men and their families. It has been removed the Kue Charenton, where still exists under the same name. architects were naturally consulted, but the plans they proposed proved unintelligent, and Madame Rambouillet, who was, as Tallemant tells a draughtswoman nature, and could draw the plan from memory any house she had once seen, made a design her own.