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Politique linguistique du Québec – Secrétariat à la politique linguistique

Charte de la langue française – Office québécois de la langue française

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We can't get at the old madman has taken good care that Go your people, doctor said tell them keep perfectly quiet, and whatever I say.

Not an instant passed in this breathless conversation. doctor then came forward the front the platform, and, speaking in tones as composed as if were merely announcing the object the next meeting in that hall, said, I have request all you exactly as I bid you. Let the women all leave the hall first all but one who will stay with the last.

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Let there no rushing and no alarm.

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All your lives depend upon The house fire, and the flames cannot put out.

But there time enough yet full ten minutes.

I will stay the last. His terrible composure over-mastered the crowd. Had announced at once that the house was fire, would have been impossible keep any order. But his slow, deliberate, ice-cold words, preparing them for some serious announcement, wrought them into a mood obedience and self-control.

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Now, under the sudden and strong influence doctor's demeanour and his words, the crowd began melt away in hushed and orderly submission. They seemed subdued and cowed, not the presence danger, but the sense discipline. Meanwhile the cracking timbers and the falling planks was already heard, and the smoke began dissertation guide pour in, and here and there one saw through some cranny in the walls the light a flame leaping Come here, Melissa, doctor said, beckoning the girl, Come here, and stay with Melissa gave a little cry delight, ran from her essay on old custom place and sprang the platform stairs, and stood beside him. He held out his hand Geraldine was the last woman leave. It came a contest politeness between her and Lady Vanessa. Lady Vanessa had turned pale when doctor began make his announcement, but her brave blood soon returned her cheeks, and she stood firm as a graven image. As for Geraldine, whether from tension nerves, or high spirits, or whatever might have been, she felt no fear at all. She was not discomposed in the least.