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Hekat and Sati are representatives the dual lunation Hekat the Frog Darkness, and Sati the Lady Light.

As the Frog, Hekat sloughs her frogskin and reveals her wondrous beauty in the form Sati, the Woman in glory.

These three are the Consorts Khnum-Ra, who i in Amenta with Hekat, in Heaven with Sati, and in the Moon herself, as the Generator Light with Ank, or in the Mirror.

Khnum-Ra the nocturnal Sun, and Hekat, his Consort, a representative the Moon that transforms in the lower hemisphere, as the tadpole transforms and emerges from the waters in the form a frog.

Khnum, God the Nocturnal Sun, King Frogs in Amenta, the hidden underworld, and there dissertation writing service uk that Hekat his Consort as the Froggess. In the upper Heaven she the lovely goddess with the arrow light that was shot from the lunar bow with which her name Sati Coptic, Sate hieroglyphically written. And every time she re-enters the water the nether world she transforms into a Frog according the mythical mode representing the Moon in Amenta.

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Thus can identify the Sun-Frog the Aryan Marchen in the Frog-headed solar God Ptah or in Khnum, the king frogs, both whom were solar deities. We can also identify the Frog-maiden in Mistress Heka, or Hekat, the goddess with a Frog's head, who one Khnum's Consorts, the Cinderella say the three sisters, college paper writing service who are Ank, Sati, and Hekat, the three goddesses the myth who survive as the well-known three Sisters the Marchen. The Sun-frog then was Khnum, the King Frogs, as the Sun in the night the underworld, who was wedded Hekat, the lunar frog in the mythos which supplied the It only in this nether world that Sun and Moon cheap essay writer can ever meet, and that but once a month, when the Lady Light transforms into the Frog, or Hekat, which Frog re-transforms into Sati, the Lady Light, when she emerges from the abyss. The King was not seen his Mistress without the royal garments and these were laid aside when the Sun-God entered the nether earth.

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If the lady dared look upon her lover in the night she would find him in the shape the Beast, as in Beauty and the Beast, which was prohibited and if the lover looked upon the Maiden under certain conditions she would transfigure into a Frog or other amphibious creature, and permanently retain that shape, as the story was told when the myth was moralised in the Marchen the exact antithesis the Frog that transformed into a beautiful Princess, the transformation Bekhi, and possibly or certainly Phryne, write my report for me the Frog, whose sumptuous professional essay writing help beauty was victoriously unveiled when she was derobed before her vanquished judges. In the different phases the mythos the young Sun-god might have been met night as a Crocodile, a Beetle, a Frog, an Eel, or a Bear, for the Bear was also a zootype Horus. In one his battles with Sut fought in the form a Bear.

It was a law primitive Tapu that the bride or wife was not seen the lover or husband in a state nudity. In the story Melusine the bride not looked when she naked. She tells her lover that she will only abide with him long as observes this custom women.

This also was the law in the mythical land Naz, and one man who did look his wife unveiled was transformed into a monster. Now the veil the bride one with that the virgin Isis, which originated in the loin-cloth or leaf-belt that was demanded the custom women when the female first became In Egypt, the dog-headed Ape Aani was a zootype the moon in her period eclipse and change, as explained Hor-Apollo B. I, 1. The menstruating Ape was a representative the Sloughing Moon, that the veiled bride, the female who was no account looked help me write a report in her nudity. The Sun and Moon could not meet below except when the goddess or mistress did vanish from the light mortals in the world above. The lunar lady in her poor and lonely state goes underground or enters the waters make her transformation and invisible during three nights and days, which correspond the three days festival at which Cinderella lost her slipper the last relic the magical skin, and won the heart the fairy prince. The meeting the sun and moon in Amenta was monthly once every twenty-eight days, as was reckoned in the Calendar which, for mystical reasons, counted 1 new moons the year and these mystical reasons which alone can penetrate the natural origin Tapu concerning the custom women. It was the menses the mensis the female period the lunar.