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Minor establishments included the Diorama in Regent's Park the British Diorama, with four pictures Clarkson Stanfield the Physiorama and the Octorama, with a model the need help writing college paper Th itre Francais exhibited at the Egyptian AT the period I have mentioned, namely, the first August 1 1, Mr.

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Neville, the manager a Manchester theatre, was said in prison and the treadmill through inability pay a fine fifty guineas incurred in allowing an Italian opera played at his theatre.

At the City Theatre, meanwhfle, an adaptation Gerald Griffin's novel, The Collegians, had been brought out under the title Eily O'Connor the Foster Brother. Mrs. Cregan was said a good character, and Conn Cregan was played James Vining.

This adaptation thirty years earlier than the A CURIOUS whim some actors and managers, whch indtices them exhibit their help writing a college essay portraits all over London, seems indi cate the part those who a want humour, since otherwise they would see that a process this kind moves derision father than any other sentiment That a young and pretty actress, whose beauty a portion her stock-in-trade, should allow portraits herself placarded walls or put buy papers online for college in the windows public-houfles conceivable. Not easily, however, can I imderstand why a respect able middle-aged gentleman, with no special grace appearance distinguish himself from average humanity, should thus seek an meaning notoriety, and should show himself everywhere, not in writing services canada an assumed character, but in the garb every-day assignment writing service life. Two or three managers are at the present time guilty this folly. Very hard fix are the bounds human vanity. Thus, when an enterprising gentleman has an object exhibit, such as a performing whale or a four-headed nightingale, covers vacant wall and hoarding widi pictures, not the object, but himself.

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I believe that the convic tion after a time borne in upon him, that the showman that Proposed French Tax English Literature. ONE aspect the tariff between England and France should not passed over without comment It proposed increase firom ten firahcs forty centunes, at which now fttands sixty francs admissions essay help per hundred kilos, the internal paper-duty upon books, music, newspapers, periodicals, and printed matter generally that passes the French Custom-house. The levying the tax will amount a virtual exclusion English newspapers, magazines, and all cheaper forms printed literature.

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How heavily will weigh shown in the fact that a penny newspaper, with the cost postage, will have sold in France for fourpence. I not one those who give their faith In free trade soon as a slight interruption threatened the prosperity need coursework help uk help with term paper has brought.

If, how ever, the country, going back from its old faith, about try the system meeting taxation with taxation, I would meet this ground.

Reluctant as I see a tax literature, I think a tax which should exclude a large portion modem French fiction would not without its redeeming features.

So soon, moreover, as French writers books who are, for the most part, joimialists also find that their sale in England arrested, and their profits are, as they would seriously diminished, they will begin doubt the wisdom the steps they now advocate. As they are when dissatisfied the most noisy malcontents, and as they have naturally exceptional chances making themselves heard, their outcries might lead a revision the entire scheme added duties. Evii OF Opium Consumption in Burmah. IT impossible for a nation which aims at being just disregard the memorandum Mr. U. Aitchison, the Chief Commissioner British Burmah, recently issued in the form a Parliamentary paper. In this stated that the use opium the Burmese saps the rsical and mental energies, destroys the nerves, emaciates the body, predisposes disease, induces indolent and filthy modes Ufe, destroys self-respect, one the most fertile sources misery, destitution, and crime, fills the gaols with men relaxed frame, predisposed writer paper dysentery and cholera, prevents the due extension cultivation and the development the land revenue, checks the natural growth the population, and enfeebles the constitution succeeding generations. This state affairs which, from personal observation the influence opium, I believe fairly described attributable English influence.