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For a time all went well then, when the imprisoned Jews saw was impossible resist much longer the power their assailants, a grave council was held, and one their rabbis thus addressed the audience Ye men Israel, cried, the God our fathers, whom none can say, What doest thou? commands at this time die for His law and behold ! death ever before our eyes, and there nothing left consider but how undergo in the most reputable and easy manner.

If fall into the hands our enemies which I think there no possibility escaping, our deaths will not only cruel but ignominious. They will not only torment but despitefuUy use My advice, therefore, that voluntarily surrender those lives our Creator which He seems call for, and not wait for any other executioners than ourselves.

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The fact both rational and lawful nor want examples from amongst our illustrious ancestors prove they have frequently proceeded in the like manner upon the same occasions. A few dissentient murmurs greeted these words. Let those, said the rabbi, who not wish follow advice take their departure. A timid minority obeyed and went forth from the castle but the rest resolved defeat the malice their persecutors, and calmly set about their work massacre and suicide Goods and chattels were at once either burnt or buried.

The castle was fired at every point where the conflagration was likely spread with rapidity. Then each man took his knife, cut the throats his wife and children, and afterwards plunged the murderous weapon into his own heart The last survive was the rabbi, who when saw the victims his advice lying dead around him, and that no one was spared fall into cheapest essay writers the hands the Christian, quietly stretched himself the ground and put an end his own life. Those who, instead need help writing a thesis statement embracing this awful alternative, had preferred trust themselves the tender custom papers mercies the besiegers, were massacred a man, and a general slaughter the Jews in York took place.

The number those who were killed this occasion help with writing thesis has been estimated at fifteen hundred. When the news the massacre reached London, the king at once issued orders for the offenders punished. The chief criminals were hanged and quartered, a heavy fine was imposed upon the city, and the governor and sheriff were suspended from their offices.

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The Jews were too wealthy a bank thus despoiled his Majesty had no objection, when suited him and was oflen in that frame mind, avail himself their deposits, but would not permit his subjects follow his example and make a run upon In order ascertain exactly the financial position the Jews, Richard now established the well-kno s-n Exchequer the Jews, over which justices who were sometimes Jews and sometimes Christians presided, and who protected not only the Jewish revenues under their care, but who also decided as judges in civil actions where a Jew was buying papers online one the litigants. By this court was enacted that all effects belonging online custom writing services Jews should registered that the concealment any particular should forfeiture body and whole estate that all Jewish contracts were made in the presence two assigned lawyers who were Jews and two that were Christians and two public notaries and that every Jew was take an oath upon his roll that would truly and faithfully register all his estates, both real and personal, as above directed and discover every dissertation writing consultant Jew whom should know guilty any concealment, as likewise all forgers or falsifiers charters and clippers money. These contracts in Hebrew shtar were written in Hebrew, Latin, or the quaint French the Middle Ages. They are still preserved in the Record Office, and can consulted the curious.

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They are, however, very difficult decipher, and own personal knowledge more than one Jewish Starr corruption shtar has puzzled some the most erudite Hebrew scholars. These contracts were entered upon transcript rolls paraphrasing and summarizing and locked in chests in a room which afterwards became known as the Star Chamber.

The establishment this court precisely suited the anti-Semitic tastes that charming monarch King John Jew-baiting memory. This tender coursework consultancy service sovereign saw that the Jews were wealthy, were unpopular, and required only a coursework sample of written work little judicious pressure part with whatever they possessed, provided they were permitted escape the slake, the gaol, or the gallows. He resolved, therefore, make this plutocratic people serve his own ends. From the contents the chests in the Star Chamber knew exactly what land and gold the Jews held, and, with the transcript rolls in his hand, was no difficult matter for him select any particular Hebrew intended victimise. Therefore, like a cool sportsman, cleverly stalked his game, and until was too late for flight or resistance never let the quarry research papers writing help anticipate what the object was that had in view. The Jews were far too useful a community driven out the kingdom, King John began his little devices allaying all their apprehensions and warmly ingratiating himself in their favour.