Portail du réseau de la santé et des services sociaux de la régionde la Capitale-Nationale

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Politique linguistique du Québec – Secrétariat à la politique linguistique

Charte de la langue française – Office québécois de la langue française

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Recommendations might, with equal force, given passengers with the view preventing panic, which generally the most fatal feature a disaster at sea. Halfa-dozen simple, suitable, but short plays or dialogues, which three or four characters might give a performance with such properties as a ship could furnish without trouble, would a boon entertainment committees. This seo content writing services voyager's friend might also present a research paper on sale collection readable fragments from authors who have written about the sea, and furnish a score or a dozen skeleton programmes entertainments. Half-a-dozen brace sermons for Sunday reading, and a form service in which all denominations could join, would not out place as an appendix.

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All these things should smell the Our Sunday services were always well attended, though the thirdclass passengers did not cordially respond the invitations best seo article writing service addressed the entire ship. There was a clergyman a real good-fellow clergyman board who, his genial interest in the secular business need help writing assignment the week, became a general favourite was soon found that could preach a short, sensible sermon, beat the champion at chess, and make an uncommonly good score at the shutileboard.

A young lady was appointed pianiste, practices were fixed for Friday mornings, and the services alternated between the first and second saloons.

The first saloon being long and narrow, with a couple pillars in the centre, was bad for hearing, especially anywhere near the screw and when in the warm weather the service was held deck, the voices the choir were heavily discounted I fancy acquitted ourselves creditably with the hymns, but our chanting was destitute hinges and joints.

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Once or twice the service in the second saloon was spoiled some the steerage men deck, who sang music-hall songs out season.

They had an amateur preacher their own. This gentleman was very fluent, and had a habit extemporising a prayermeeting near the sheep-pens, or wherever could pounce tmawares upon a group. In this quarter the vessel the slaying a sheep, pig, or bullock always drew a large and appreciative audience. I strolled the outskirts the crowd one evening, and was struck with the eager eyes fixed with one consent upon the butcher and his victim.

The spectators were absorbed in tragic thought silent, grave, rapt The expiring need help with narrative essay sheep had just performed its last gurgle when, in the rear, a deep unctuous voice broke the spell with the command My friends, let per-ray. A few men resented this taking a mean advantage, and went away, certainly not praying but the congregation remaining numbered about a hundred, and they During our fortnight in the Indian Ocean a melancholy accident happened.

We lost one our companions. The presumption was that fell overboard during the night No occurrence could more distressing. He was a quiet, accomplished gentleman, who had been in the Civil Service at home, and in the prime hfe was enjojring his pension. On the evening his disappearance had talked a good deal two old office companions who are now well known as poets, and had promised lend Puck Pegasus the morrow. The night was warm, and our fellowpassenger remained deck after everybody had retired. The quarter-master going his round at midnight noticed him still sitting in his deck chair. Next morning met in the barber's shop, or bath-room alley way, or around the early tea-table, jesting and merry as usual.