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The Count's martial temperament responded with delight and alacrity a condition things that would have filled another with dismay prepared for a siege, barricaded the doors the mansion, and top writing service distributed what arms had among his suite pay someone to write a paper and servants, who altogether numbered.

The house was built wood, and, as the Russians were instructed burn if the Count refused surrender, escape seemed impossible. The besieged lost two men during the first day the attack the besiegers, among whom was the commanding officer. In the dead night there stole from the beleaguered mansion a slim form, clad in rich military attire, hoping under the shelter the gloom escape the vigilance the besiegers, but in vain. The officer whom the command had fallen, thinking that had secured no other than Saxe himself, marched with his troops towards MenchikofT's camp, where the captive proved the daughter a shopkeeper the town, who had been dressed the Count's valet in a suit his master's clothing facilitate her escape and shield her reputation. The fragile fair lost the same night a lover and found a husband, for Menchikoff ordered the officer marry his prisoner. In the mean time, Saxe himself had taken refuge in the castle his betrothed, the Dowager Duchess Anne Ivan'na, Peter the Great's niece, who travelled St.

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Petersburg plead her lover's cause with her aunt, with such success that Catherine ordered her troops evacuate the Duchy.

But a new enemy Saxe's pretensions arose in an unexpected quarter. Poland claimed the suzerainty Courland and, at the assembly Polish notables at Grodno, a resolution was passed demanding the revocation the Count's election, and his expulsion from Courish territory. His father Augustus II. whose sovereignty Poland brought him mortifications innumerable without a compensating penny income, was forced the necessities his position, and with a sore heart, declare the nobles Courland rebels and his beloved Maurice a usurper. It needless say that Maurice, the grace Count Saxony, Duke Courland and Senigallia, Marshal the camps and help me to write an essay armies the very Christian King, as was fond describing himself, struggled valorously maintain his rights and defend his throne, using bribes, expostulations, and threats disarm his foes, win the lukewarm, and confirm the faithful. But when Russia, under the new Emperor, Catherine's grandson, conspired with Poland chase him out the Duchy, felt that was futile contend with destiny. One alone proved faithful him, and she was his sweetheart, Anne but her friendship forfeited his fickleness and ghostwriters for hire folly.

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At Mittau, while residing in her palace, made love the ladies her court, and joked with them about the rotundity her figure and the rubicundity her face.

With one them established the most cordial relations.

Carrying her his shoulders one midnight from the window his room her own, gave such a fright an old woman with a lantern in her hand that the hag screamed aloud, waking the sleepers and summoning the watchers the spot learn the cause the disturbance. They found the Count and the lady lying in the snow above the affrighted woman.

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Saxe had tried kick the lantern out her hand, and, in doing had slipped and fallen with his precious freight, knocking the beldam down. Anne stormed, and wept, and, listening the coaxing tones the flatterer, who had plead through an interpreter for the two knew no common vehicle articulate communication forgave, and loved and trusted again. But when his adversities were accumulating around him, Anne's friends took courage and told her many stories his infidelities, that the guileless, dull-witted lady, whose mind was buried beneath a superincumbent mass someone write my essay for me fat, travelled Dantzic meet him in his flight, and request him, as she had heard the Russian Court was negotiating her marriage with the Prince Hesse-Hamburg, never The death Augustus, in 1, vacated several offices and honours in Europe the throne Saxony and paper writing company Poland, and the dignity arch-profligate the age. To the latter post Maurice succeeded paraphrasing worksheets 5th grade while his half-brother, the only child the across whose escutcheon no bar sinister fell, succeeded the sovereignty Saxony. The throne Poland was filled popular election each vacancy was the occasion intrigue the part the neighbouring states, and civil war among the adherents the rival candidates, who hired mercenaries, wherever they could get them, enable them invade the territory over which they aspurcd rule. The salary the Poles paid the Sovereign their choice was what could steal The candidates between whom the election ultimately lay were Stanislaus Lesczinsky, the father-in-law Louis XV.