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I not believe that this historical personage carries much money in his capacious pockets, and I feel all but certain that has no such luxury as a card-case or a card him. I may allowed, therefore, introduce him as Mr. Stephen Gray, top essay writing services according legal phraseology a poor brother the Charterhouse, London and at this moment, being the usual holiday time for the poor brethren, his way from London towards Faversham, in Kent, making first the country seat John Godfrey, Norton do my term paper for me Court, and afterwards, all being well, the beautiful country seat, As get our journey, marching every inch foot along the lovely country reaches, find our friend very willing talk and also find out quickly that, like all enthusiasts and inventors, fond telling all about his own work and life. He in his buying essays native county soon as get into Kent, and discover that a native Canterbury, one the old family the Grays Canterbury, a family that has long been there, and has filled important civic duties, sending one, at least, its members into the mayor's chair.

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Entering essay writer helper into details family history, relates that Alderman Thomas Gray, Canterbury, then living, his younger brother that the family in former times were well-to-do, having property at Longport, but that disputes having arisen among them about the said property, the estates have got into Chancery, and the family into the usual incidental straits, during which the best things they have depend are faith, hope, and charity.

He communicates that at Reculvers has some relatives coursework writers named Thunder refers his maternal descent from the Wolfs, and speaks a boy namesake or relative going or gone Eton, who touched with poetic fire, Thomas Gray.

We, his fellow-travellers, having much love for all scientific work, and being anxious hear our companion explain in his own simple method what has done, and what the work that thinks much ask him tell all about There no difficulty in the way, except the gift patience hear all about for Stephen Gray, although an enthusiast and not a man trampled far away enough from coxcombry in science. He has learned question Nature with the simplicity a child, and look earnestly in her face for the reply, and ever ready her interpreter. With lier usual perception as human character and intention, with her usual benignity and discretion, Nature, her part, has replied him, poor brother the Charterhouse though has told him thesis papers for sale something she never told before anybody, and has made him the interpreter the world come such lights that Stephen Gray, may swallowed in them, unless some intrepid adventurer doctoral thesis the roads history shall dare some day dash through them and bring him forth view. What strikes most about him, as distinguishing him from other men science, that him scientific research a pastime and a delight. He does not assume himself the airs and attributes a and at the same time assume deny the existence any God.

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He does not shut himself in his own greatness, nor sneer at the greatness others wishes for no better pursuit than that following, and not ashamed a poor brother the Charterhouse at the same time. We are able guess from the narrative gives himself that the age Mr.

Gray at this time between sixty and seventy years. In 1 was, tells a man well established in Canterbury, but whether following any particular calling does not state.

He had then an observatory or room for observation essay paper writing help natHral phenomena, and was able take an observation a perihelion, or mock sun, which was seen at Canterbury the February that year at three in the afternoon.

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He used a theodolite for his observation this occasion, and from his garden, into which moved the instrument, determined that the mock sun was the west the real sun. The facts were afterwards sent the Transactions the Royal Society, which society a regular contributor, though not connected with yet as a Fellow.

One day hopes that honour may come him an ambitious hope We gather from him that about the same time in his career, 1, while was still at Canterbury, turned his attention the then altogether new department science, microscopy. He was amongst the first who began look at that world which unseen conmion and unaided vision. He explains how constructed small glass lenses. He put bits glass heated charcoal, and with a blast pipe and a candle blew a small bead glass which fixed in a card, and which made him an excellent little magnifier which could carried in the pocket and which proved daily interest and utility. He has one show and as along demonstrates its use. 1 more diverting than this his account his manufacture what calls a water lens, which invented, together with the small glass lenses, some time before 1. He made a hole in a piece brass, a very small hole, and let a drop water fall into that hole.