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Hence also the eating the Mother living was a way preserving her blood the consanguineous group.

The Mother eaten sacramentally was the earliest victim blood-sacrifice.

In this great cruel rite the body was eaten living preserve the Mother-blood.

Eating the Mother was the primitive Eucharist in which the Mother was the Host whose flesh was torn in pieces like the buy can somebody write my essay literature review paper later bread, and whose blood was drunk religiously as the later wine. Blood was the life, and this was given the Mother in her life and death. The human Mother was then in the position the Totemic zootype that was substituted for the parent and eaten the brothers in a later sacrificial rite.

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It not uncommon for the communicants who partake the Sacrament hold that they have eaten the body and drunk the blood God himself, and this belief survives in Christianity, as witnessed the hymn which sung after taking the Sacrament, beginning with To emphasize the fact still more, sometimes requested that those who have not eaten the God should sing the word with instead in. Instance quoted in British Weekly, Sept.

1. The Eucharistic rite the Mexicans was called Teoqualo, or God eaten and eat the God as represented was share the nature the divinity.

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In like manner the Namaquas eat the flesh and drink the blood the lion and tiger partake their superhuman strength. The Tierra del Fuegians explained that they ate the white man purpose share in his superior power. The Kamilaroi will eat the heart and liver a brave man in order that they may partake his spirit.

The Mother was eaten the same principle, but, as the Mother, she was eaten sacramentally in the primitive family meal. The custom killing the God, the priest, the royal personage, the virgin or divine animal, and eating the victim at a sacrificial meal was rooted in this very primitive i need help writing a personal essay practice the children eating the body the Mother and drinking her blood in what may termed the primordial Eucharist. The Mother was the earliest the sacrificial victims that for special reasons were only allowed live a certain number years, at the end which time the giver life was eaten in honour her children as the most primitive sacramental food. The Mother was eaten at the family sacrament because, in the first place, she was the Mother. But there were other motives at work.

She was sacrificed comparatively young preserve her from the effects age, from grey hairs and wrinkles, from disease, decrepitude, and bodily help me write a thesis sentence decay. The children were preserving her from the worms earth and from the prowling beasts prey, and probably from the change life at the departure the lizard. In eating the body her who had been the food-giver, they were returning her as food the family, and in partaking her blood, the precious Motherblood, they were giving back the soul blood the life the family or brotherhood. Some races, like the Indian, will not eat the blood an animal, for fear the soul the animal should enter the human body. But this was a reason, in religious cannibalism, for the eating the Mother-blood in order that her soul life which was her blood might re-enter the family or brotherhood, or contained them. The Mother was not turned into a sacrifice, or the blood preserved her own personal account, much as account the family or tribe which the blood essay about the help belonged. Dawson tells that only those who had died a violent death were eaten the aborigines the Port Fairy District, Western Australia.