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It had been omitted, with all its correlates and implications, from previous consideration and teachings concerning the prehistoric past and present status the scattered human family. On this line research the inquiries and explorations which back this tangible beginning are now the only profitable studies.

The results these alone can permanent.

All the rest were tentative and transitory. But No satisfactory explanation the origin Totemism has yet been given.

So says the writer a book the subject. Frazer, J. Totemism. The author Primitive Marriage, who first mooted the subject in England, could make nothing in the end. According his brother, in a preface The Patriarchate McLennan gave his hypothesis thesis writing uk and ceased have any academic writing help centre definite view at all the origin Totemism.

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Nevertheless, help writing a college paper McLennan was right in his guess that the so-called animal-worship the essays on service Egyptians was descended from a system Totems or Fetishes Budge, The Gods the Egyptians, vol. I, though Worship, protest again and again, not the word employ in this connection but a modern counterfeit. The Totem, in its religious phase, was as much the sign the Goddess or the God as had been the Motherhood or Brotherhood. It was an image the superhuman power.

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Thus the Mother-earth as giver water was imaged as a water-cow.

Seb the Father Food was imaged the goose that laid the egg.

Horus the bringer food in water was imaged the fish or papyrus shoot.

These, say, were Totems the Nature powers. But when came worship was the powers that were the objects supreme regard, not the Totems means which the powers were represented not the water-cow, the goose, the fish, the shoot, but the Goddess Apt, and the Gods Seb, Sebek and Child-Horus. It in the most primitive customs that must seek for the fundamental forms rites and ceremonies. It in Totemism only that can trace the natural genesis various doctrines and dogmas that have survived looked upon as a divine revelation especially vouchsafed later times, in consequence their having been continued as religious Mysteries without the guidance the primitive Gnosis. The human past in its remoter range might divided into two portions for the purpose, and described as pre-Totemic and Totemic. The first was naturally a state promiscuity more or less like that the animals, when there were neither Totems, nor Law Tabu, nor covenant blood, nor verbal means distinguishing custom college papers one person from another. The only known representatives this condition now living are the Pygmies the admission essay editing service Central African Forests. By Totemism mean the earliest formation society in which the human group was first discreted from the gregarious horde that grovelled together previously in animal promiscuity.