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With what celestial pity these victorious Frenchmen treated their pigmy opponents ! A company Parisian comedians amused them with acted satires the vanity and stupidity the English. In one piece which they played, Clown was an English officer, whom Harlequin asks Where are you going ? But you have too few soldiers ! Oh ! don't care an Englishman will beat five Frenchmen ! Ods, man ! scratching his head, have forgot let think at Ostend or Antwerp, if has escaped the storm. In the succeeding scene Clown comes in with his arms and one leg off but declares that still rises preferment rm Lieutenant-General now. But one thing grieves the French rascals, whom have thrashed well, have run away, taking In the last scene returns without a head. Yes Fm Commander-in-Chief now ! Good ! Mr. Clown, you have two wooden arms and one wooden leg but you must have another qualification yet, and that In this company comedians there was a second-rate actress, called Chantilly, whose acting, education, and manners were, according contemporary writers, low application essay editing service and vulgar.

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She was no means handsome or talented. It was in this type woman that the great Marshal found his ideal. She hated Saxe, and spoke slightingly his prowess as a lover but had dissemble academic writing services australia for the sake his money.

Her affections had settled a journeyman pastry-cook, who had relinquished his father's trade write comic operas, and who afterwards distinguished himself in that province literature. One night, during the siege Maestncht, she and her sweetheart eloped. It was a night wind and rain. So fierce was the tempest, that the bridges were swept away, and the communications essays writing service the French army endangered. An aide-de-camp entered the Marshal's bed-room in the morning, report the disasters the night He found Saxe in great affliction, and concluded that his report had preceded him.

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He began soothe his disconsolate chief. The misfortune, said will Alas ! was the heartrending reply there no remedy. I Oh, I hope not! Surely will not attended with such After half-an-hour cross talking, the Marshal discovered what Pshaw ! said who could have thought websites for essay writing you were talking about some broken bridges I We'll put that right in three hours. But Chantilly gone 1 They have taken Chantilly away from ! Saxe was mean enough ask for a kttre de-cachet compelling Chantilly, now Madame Favart, return the camp. She was not allowed leave him till the day his death. She witnessed his expiring agonies.

The Marshal seems have been a favourite with the French actresses. Lecouvreur's name has already been mentioned. After her came Carton, whose witticisms live in need help writing paper the annals gossip, and who followed him the camp Muhlberg, in Saxony, and there had the honour dining with the fathers her lover and Frederick writing a doctoral thesis the Great, and Mademoiselle Navarre, who afterwards The mention Frederick the Great's name recalls the few times which and Saxe met, and the courtesies which were exchanged between them. The first was the occasion Frederick William's visit Dresden, in 1, when the dining, drinking, and debauchery, and chiefly the expense these involved, appalled the frugal King the next was the return visit Berlin, in the same year, when Augustus, aged, a premature wreck, diseased, and with two his toes lost, went a-wooing Frederick William's eldest daughter again, at the essay writing service review camp Muhlberg, a scenic phantasmagoria got the magnificent Saxon Elector and, buy essay online finally, at Potsdam, in 1, after the peace Aix-la-Chapelle, when Frederick received Saxe with great distinction military pageants were elaborated in his honour, and his departure essay help sites Frederick presented him with his picture, and a snuff-box richly On the proclamation peace, Saxe retired Chambord, which Louis had presented him in life rent, and his wife after him, if should marry. The decree graciously conferred the Marshal and his possible spouse, and the eldest their male descendants, the right enter the Louvre in their carriages, and !a dame son hpottse the privilege sitting a stool in the presence the Majesties and Infants France.