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It was, and may still, an English custom charm away disease making a hole in the shrew-ash or witch-elm tree and shutting a live shrew-mouse in In immuring the mouse in the bole the tree, the disappearing victim typified or enacted the desired disappearance the disease.

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That which had custom speech writing been a symbol in the past now made use alive in performing a symbolical action in the present.

Much misery has been caused human beings as well as animals through the misapplication certain mythical, that symbolical characters. Plutarch tells how the evil Sut or Typhon was humiliated and insulted the Egyptians at certain festivals, when they abuse red-haired men and tumble an ass down a precipice because Typhon was red-haired and like an ass in complexion.


The fact also notorious in Europe that an evil character has been commonly ascribed red-haired persons, with no known warrant whatever from nature.

They suffer for the symbol. Now for the origin the symbol, according the Egyptian Wisdom.

Sut, the treacherous opponent Horus Osiris in the later Mythos, was the Egyptian Judas.

He betrayed his brother his enemies the Sebau. He was a red complexion.

Hence the Red Ass and the redhaired people were his types.

But the complexion and red hair Sut were not derived from any human origin.

Sut was painted red, yellowish, or sandy, as representative the desert.

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He was the original devil in the wilderness, speech writing help the cause drought and the creator thirst. As the Hippopotamus, Sut, like Apt the Mother, was a red complexion. As the betrayer his brother Osiris, Sut was brought with the Jesus-legend in the character Judas, the traitor hence in the Miracle-plays and out-of-doors customs, need someone to write my paper Judas, true the Sut-Typhonian tradition, always red-haired or wears a red wig. Thus, in our pictures the past the typical traitor still preserves his proper hue, but in the belief the ignorant the clue lost and the red-haired people do my college paper come the Viva Effigies Sut, the Egyptian Judas, as a human type evil. Folk-lore in many lands the need help with writing an essay final fragmentary form in which the ancient wisdom the Wisdom old Egypt still survives as old wives fables, parables, riddles, allegorical sayings, and superstitious beliefs, consecrated the ignorance custom essay order which has taken the place primitive custom research papers knowledge concerning the mythical mode representation and from lack the lost key, the writers this subject have become the sheerest tale-bearers whose gossip full scandal against primitive and ancient man. But not in any land or language can the Marchen tell anything directly concerning themselves. They have lost the memory their meaning. It only in the Mythos that can ascertain their original relationship natural fact and learn that the people who repeat the essay help online chat folk-tales were not always natural fools. It only in the Egyptian Wisdom that the key found. One the most universal the Folk-Tales which are the debris Mythology that the Giant who had no heart or spark soul in his body. The Apap-Dragon, in Africa, was the first all the Giants who has no heart in his body, no root in reality, being as only the representation non-existence, drought, darkness, death and negation.