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And that bongs OS the third the requirements named.

It not sufficient, I think, that a paro should a paiodTy and nothii else. It maj bare in that fonn a certain measure impressirenessi and deserre axss but hardhr calculated rank among the most arxeptable its kind.

To thoroughly acceptable, I should say, a parody should have an intrinsic bcmcrousness its own. It should hare a comical idea at root, and that idea should worked out simultaneously with the burlesque the cmginal poem.

There are parodies in the language, excellent as such exceUent as ingeniously suggestive their prototypes which are nevertheless not permanently satisf ing, for the reason that they are only parodies in form, and help with writing a research paper have no claim attention or admiration in the matter which they are composed.

In a word sum the qualities without which a parody cannot wholly accepted should at at once brief, suggestive rather than slavish, and inspired a moitf unquestionable ludicrousness. AVlien has all these characteristics its position in literature assured.

In the following pages I not propose enter into the earlj history poetic parody, or touch upon any the foreign forms I shall confine myself wholly the poetic parody which has written in English, and even that subject I shall necessity 1 much unsaid. The field indeed, too wide com etelj CO in the space a magazine article, and I shall unable than refer a few the more salient characteristics this 1 have I that the parodist may devote himself the travestie general, or poems and passages in particular. In I naturally fix upon those instances in which the style most pronounced or the poems are most individual in character.

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And in that way will found that, as a rule, only the most famous poets or the most familiar poems which are laid under contribution. These have risen celebrity reason their very uniqueness, and that uniqueness that the parodist has instinctively fastened What requires work something clear and unmistakable and this able find only in those poets and that poetry whose style and form are distinctive as readily detected. It no use for the parodist devote his powers the originals known only himself or a few must take his materials from the poetry which best known the public. Consequently, find that among the poets who are the favourite subjects parody are such as Spenser, with his quaint archaism phrase and peculiarity stanza Milton, with his imperial blank verse, moving along stately like a goddess Walton, with his queer simplicity style Thomson, with his somewhat prosaic verse Pope, with his sometimes too well-balanced periods Swift, with his familiar octosyllabic essay conclusion help jingle Gray and Mason, with their devotion the ode Byron, with his grandiose Childe Harold manner and his airy misanthropic tones Moore, with his everlasting prate wine and women Crabbe, with his Dutch-like mode painting Wordsworth, with his occasional lapse into the inane Macaulay, with the regular rumble his rhetoric Poe, with his mechanical management metre and, in our own day, Messrs.

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Tennyson and Browning, essay writers for hire in all their respective clearness and obscurity blank verse Mr. Swinburne, with his excessive fondness for alliteration and the swing certain his metres Miss Ingelow, with her penchant for the archaic and the monotonous in style and rhyme and essay title help lastly, that school poets which can only described as the Unintelligible, impossible attach any definite meaning One the best, and one the least hackneyed, parodies Spenser found among the poems Bret Harte, under the title North Reach.

The subject American, but, in spite this, the English reader will detect the comicality article writers needed the travestie Lo ! where the castle bold Pfeiflfer throws Its sullen shadow the rolling tide, No more the home where joy and wealth repose, But now where wassailers in cells abide See yon long quay that stretches far and wide, Well known citizens as wharf Meiggs There each sweet Sabbath walks in maiden pride The pensive Margaret, and brave Pat, whose legs Encased in broadcloth oft keep time with Peg's. Here cometh oft the tender nursery-maid, While in her ear her love his tale doth pour Meantime her infant doth her charge evade And rambleth sagely the sandy shore. Till the sly sea-crab, low in ambush laid, Seizeth his leg and biteth him full sore. Ah ! what sounds the shuddering echoes bore When his small treble mixed with ocean's roar. Of Milton, Philips Splendid Shilling still remains the happiest burlesque yet written. The well-known opening lines are Happy the man who, void cares and strife. In silken or in leathern purse retains A Splendid Shilling. He nor hears with pain New oysters cried, nor sighs for cheerful ale But with his friends, when nightly mists arise, To Juniper's Magpie or Town Hall repairs Where, mindful the njrmph whose wanton eye Transfixed his soul and kindled amorous flames, Chloe or Phillis, each circling glass Wisheth her health and joy and equal love.