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That this date utterly wrong unnecessary say innumerable authorities place the decease as more than six months later, notably Diceto and Henry Huntingdon.

Next come that portion the chronicle usually attributed William Malmesbury, which was properly due the care the learned Prior Belvoir known as Roger Wendover, who died in the monastery St. Albans, May, 1. He speaks thus The same year died the brave and pious King Stephen, the October his body was buried in the monastery Faversham, which had himself founded, and where, a short time before, his wife Matilda and Eustace their son had been buried. In each these cases should noted that reference made the year A.D.

1 1 and the old-style reckoning. After do my college paper for me this get little information which can taken as bearing upon the subject in any decisive manner.

Perhaps the most important note that made Richard Baker, whom that first gentlemen.

Roger Coveriey, thought highly.

He says that the great English King died suddenly in the monastery at Dover, October, 11, immediately after an interview the object which not disclosed with Theodorik, Earl Flanders, an Where was King Stephen BuHedf wad buried at Faversham.

But here comes in the question, Was really buried? It seems evident that the death was sudden and unexpected, even though the cause unknown no means improbable that may have been the result some disease which rendered immediate biurial necessary and even waiving this essay writers for pay supposition, the troubled state the realm would have been a sufficient reason for an immediate and secret burial King Stephen's followers the body that master whom all worshipped and would have been eager shield from all possible profanation.

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And the facts seem these, that some seven centuries were elapse before the true resting place the chivalrous Count Blois, saint, scholar, soldier, and statesman, as was said a yet more noble English hero, should found.

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This how was found, in such a manner as must carry conviction the minds all who are not determined against conviction.

In Dover there an old hospital dedicated St Mary the Virgin contains some perhaps, the finest Early Norman work apart from the chapel in the Tower London existing in this country.

In the year 1 was found necessary relay the pavement at the west end the nave this hospital, and in raising the flags for that purpose a singular discovery was madei It must borne in mind that the south the site spoken an altar had originally stood firom its position can hardly have been the high altar, though even that possible, as orientation was originally held depend upon the special position the sanctuary.

However, the explorers came upon what has been described as the softened remains a heavy four inch oaken sea-chest inclosing a fine, shapely, trefoil headed lead cofl!in about five feet long. Time had loosened the covering this latter, and when, with pardonable curiosity, was raised, there was disclosed the figure a man small but athletic proportions, in a singular state preservation. The verger, who was cheap thesis writing service present the occasion, and from whose lips I derive much information, assiured that the perfume the embalmment pervaded the whole chiurch when the coffin was opened I had this from him when vkiting Dover with the Royal Archaeological Institute which I was then secretary in the year 1. I must return the words the worthy Vicar, the John Puckle, A. who has done all in his power preserve the memory the great Stephen The thick brown hair, moustache, whiskers, and pointed beard, were in natural condition. The integument and fibre the flesh were changed in little other than colour dark olive which became in no way affected contact with the outer air the preservation being due such a costly embalming as one only reads in rare regal interments. Now the question arises, Was this the embalmed body King Stephen, hastily deposited in the hospital the town where avowedly died, and never after removed, first, account the national troubles, then because forgetfulness ? Everything tends prove this the case. At the time two experts from the British Museum were summoned inspect the body which may remarked that Mr. PucUe, himself no mean pay someone to write my research paper artist, made a drawing and the result their researches tended show that this was the body Stephen Blois. There was but one other noted person recorded as having died at Dover was an unnamed follower Mary Scotland but inasmuch as was help writing phd thesis as deformed as David Rizzio, this soldierly essaywriting service corpse could not have been his and worthy note that the best essays beautiful sad face that which have always been shown as that King Stephen.