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If were generalize, should say that in the beginning the food represented the Totem, whether animal or vegetable, was both cultivated or cared for, and eaten the members that Totem. In scarcity, was eaten less and less, and was more and more prohibited the brotherhood, for social, religious or ceremonial reasons, and that this was certainly one the origins in Totemism. The Totem as food may partly explain the totemic life-tie when the human brother taught take care the animal and told protect because his life bound with the animal's closely that if dies too must die. Totemism, however, does not imply any worship animals the part primitive men. It the sheerest fallacy suppose that the most undeveloped aborigines began worship, say, fifty beasts, reptiles, college term papers for sale insects, birds, or shrubs, because each in some way or measure fulfilled one fifty different conceptions a divinity that was recognized beneath its half-hundred masks.

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Moreover, if primitive men had begun worshipping beasts and holding their deadliest foes religiously sacred as their dearest friends if they had not fought with them for very existence inch inch, every foot the way, conquer them at last, they never could have attained supremacy over their natural enemies proofreading essays the animal world.

It would going against all known natural tendency for imagine that human nature in the early stage Totemic sociology was confused with that the lower animals.

The very earliest operation dissertation topics in education the consciousness which discreted personal statement writers online the creature with a thumb from those who were falling behind him four feet was distinguishing himself from his predecessors and the degree difference once drawn, the mental landmark once laid down, must have broadened with every step his advance.

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His recognition himself depended his perceiving his unlikeness them, and can shown how the beasts, birds, reptiles, and fishes were first adopted as zootypes account buy comparison essay their superhuman and superior power in relation the various elements, and therefore because their unlikeness the nature the human being.

The ancestral animal then neither an ideal nor imaginary being as a primitive parent supposed have been a beast, or a bird, a plant, or a star, any more than the first female as head the Gaelic Clan Chattan was a great cat, or was believed a Great Cat, the brothers in the Clan However ancient the mythical mode representing external nature, some sort sociology must have preceded mythology and been expressed in Sign-language. Actuality was earlier than typology. Thus amongst the American Indians find that Earth, Water, Wind, Sun, and Rain are Totems, without being, as were, put into type mythology.

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This, which can paralleled in Africa and Australia, points a beginning with the elements life themselves as the objects recognition which preceded the zootypes the elements water, earth, air, and vegetation.

It need scarcely re-asserted that Totemism was a write my annotated bibliography primitive means distinguishing the offspring one Mother from the offspring the other the children the Tree from the children the Rock, the hippopotami from the crocodiles, the serpents from the swine.

The earliest sociology touches promiscuity at the point departure from the human horde when the Mother was the only parent known. The Mother comes first, and from that point write my master's thesis for me departure the Egyptian representation reflects the sociology in the Mirror the Mythos. In the pre-Totemic stage, there was one Mother as head the family. This repeated in Egyptian Mythology. In Totemism the Motherhood divided between two sisters, or a Mother and an elder sister. This Totemism, Tattoo and Fetishism repeated in Egyptian mythology. In Totemism the dual Motherhood followed the brotherhoods. This repeated in Egyptian Mythology, beginning with the Twin-Brothers Sut and Horus, or the Black Vulture and the Golden Hawk, which are equated or continued the Crow and Eagle-Hawk Karween and Pundjel in Australia. In Totemism the two Brothers are followed four or six in a group, and these are consorts the sisters in group marriage. So in the Egyptian Mythos. In this way Mythology will lend its search-light show the backward path prehistoric Totemism.