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The experiments, notwithstanding the largeness the In 1 still further honours waited Mr.

Gray from the Royal Society. In that year was elected a Fellow, and could add the much-prized R.S.

his name. The honour was no check his work, for in this year invented an insulating stand electrified water that attracted and repelled examples of dissertations put water in small cups, and caused the water rise fixed, as thought, electricity in sulphur cast in glass cups and kept under them, thereby instituting the first attempt store electrical force tried the effect electricity in the vacuum placing leaf-brass or gold-leaf under an excited ball in a vacuum made an air pump, and observed that the excited ball attracted in the vacuum suspended a thread in an exhausted receiver, and found that an excited rod, brought the outer surface live essay help the receiver, would draw the thread its side made gold-leaf laid under a hand-bell, that was rendered adhesive its inner surface, fly different parts the bell under the direction the rod the outside made a boy stand an insulator resin, and demonstrated that the hand the boy would attract gold-leaf when the excited tube was brought near him demonstrated that the current would pass through two boys showed that one rod or line made electrical will help write a thesis communicate its virtue another rod or line at a distance, and that the second rod or line will then attract placed a hoop an insulated pedestal, inserted a rod or line through the centre, and illustrated that, the rod or line being electrified, the hoop For such experiments, made in 1, another Copley Medal was awarded the untiring experimenter. From 1 our philosopher seems have rested somewhat from his labours. He must now have been approaching, if had not passed, his threescore and ten years life an old life, indeed, in those days, when shortness life and happiness were thought the perfect states. But in 1 before us once more with a bushel good things and one great thing.

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He tried the effect colour silk in relation electrical action discovered that the electrical current would pass through a chain persons when they were insulated atid suspended metals upon silken cords, and from electrified bodies made currents pass through metals in conductors.

The great work 1 was, however, a thunder and-lightning storm in petto which Gray produced, and with true prophetic genius foresaw the meaning He took a four-foot iron rod and gave a pointed end. He insulated the iron rod glass, and turning near in the dark his excited glass tube, witnessed sparks flame and light issuing from the point the rod. He brought an iron ball the point the rod, and charged there. He brought a plate brass four feet square the point the rod, and charged there.

He made a similar series researches with water in lieu iron and brass. He listened the noise that occurred when the charges were made coursework coursework writing service marking and faint as the vibration was, his eye and ear caught the true reading the phenomena.

What saw was lightning, what heard was thunder, and described what saw and what heard with all the divine simplicity true genius. Although, remarks, these effects are at present in minimis, probable that in time there may found a way collect a greater portion and thus increase the force this electric fire, which several these experiments licet magnis componere parva seems the same nature as lightning and thunder. We became acquainted, in this brief history, with our Carthusian Carthusians his way into Kent the ist day May, 1. We parted with him the morning the May at Strood, starting full hope farther his journey.

Let once more look at him, good friend Quisquam, the eve yet another and a longer journey. With this time, shall Mortimer, secretary the Royal Society, at the wish him who about travel. The The traveller in London now, in the four walls a sick room, knowing his destination ! and perchance hoping that one day some loving hand may trace his name and worth with faithful respect Let very silent, and listen, while the old Carthusian dictates, and Mr. Secretary Mortimer writes down, his words. Take, persuasive writing homework help dictated, a small iron globe an inch or an inch and a half in diameter, which set in the middle a cake resin about seven or eight inches in diameter, having first excited the cake gently rubbing clapping three or four times with your hands, or warming a little before the fire then fasten a light body, as a small piece where to buy papers cork, or pith elder, an exceeding fine thread, five or six inches long, which hold between your finger and thumb, exactly over the globe at such a height that the cork, or other light body, may hang down about the middle the globe this light body will itself begin move round the iron globe, and that constantly from west east, being the same direction which the planets have in their orbits round the sun. If the cake resin circular, and the iron globe placed exactly in the centre then the light body will describe an orbit round the iron globe which will a circle but if the iron globe placed at any distance from the centre the circular cake, then the light body will describe an elliptical orbit, which will have the same eccentricity as the distance the globe from the centre the cake.