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And yet the hope ever being myself numbered among its pilgrims had never presented itself as a possibility. This summer, however, return from six months wandering in China, the idea did suggest itself, but only repudiated, serious were the difficulties which stay-at-home friends declared lie in the path. Nevertheless, the thought, once admitted, returned with fresh force ever time that a break in the envious clouds afforded a momentary glimpse the mysterious mighty giant. and temples.

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Amongst the innnite variety crops, our attention was from time time arrested whole fields lovelv tall white lilies, the roots which are used as food.

Or else passed ponds or flooded fields devoted the sacred lotus, whose magnificent roseor lemon-coloured blo-soms peeped from among the large bluegreen leaves, which rise a heic three or four feet ove the hjvel the water certainly the most lovely all edible plants.

Heaps luscious green water-melons, with pink flesh, were offered for sale, in slices ready cut, tempt the thirsty pilgrims, whom multitudes thronged the road, their way or from the Holy MouiU, nearly all dressed in white, with straw hats like huge mushrooms, straw sandals, a wallet, a gourd act as water-bottle, cloaks grass matting, sole protection against the rain, and a stout stiiff support their flagging steps many a weary march.

They come from all parts the Empire, visiting and making offerings at all tlie most sacred shrines along their path.

One at least, sometimes several, in each company carries a small brass bell, which rings continually, and the majority carry rosaries, which they prize exceedingly. Sonic these arc really valuable heirlooms, the large beads being eitlier crystal or agate. The rosaries diflfcrent sects vary somewhat, but those I have most frequently examined consist beads, which represent 1 holy persons, while four beads another represent four distinguished saints, phd writer and ten small beads, hanging arately, represent ten holy precepts, and two very large brads typify the sun and moon, or dual principle. In praying, the brads are not counted, but rubbed together, and the chain turned over make a toss, and kissed these two actions representing two Chinese characters, which signify success which likewise represented the knots the silken chain. tca-housc along the road was gay with a multitude qiiaint calico flags all colours, having mysterious-looking symbols inscribed help thesis them.

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Of these, dozens fluttered from a bamboo erected in front the house, or from a long rope suspended under the eaves.

These are the visiting-cards left previous pilgrims, and now hung as testimonials attract others.

Another pretty custom added colour i need help writing a essay the scene. This being the seventh month the Japanese year, a sort school examination was going everywhere, and in front every second or third house was planted a graceful branch bamboo, from each twig which fluttered little strips bright-coloured paper, whereon the children the house had written some little sentence or poem as a test their progress. When returned the same road a fortnight later, another festival had its turn. The children's trees had vanished, but in every house feasts for the dead were spread before the domestic shrine coloured lanterns and straw ropes, from which fluttered sacred symbols white paper, were suspended in the streets. The heaps water-melons, too, had disappeared, the sale all fruit being prohibited law, as a precaution against the dreaded cholera, which, alas ! was spreading in every direction, its presence being marked a house here and there enclosed the police with bamboo fencing, prevent ingress or egress from its infected walls. At one door noticed an onion hung as a charm keep off the dreaded malady. But the most singular and common medicines which attracted our attention, hung in fanciful patterns outside the houses, were dried lizards, which, when reduced powder, are supposed exceedingly efticacious in some simple childish But in Japan there always something interesting notice, either for its beauty or its oddity. For instance, how strange one newly arrived in the country, the first halt at such a tea-house as that where stopped change horses and partake a light native meal the pile wooden clogs lying the threshold, the tired coolies squatting the mats, enjoying proposal for dissertation what looks like the prettiest doll's feast in little china dishes with bowls black and red lacquer, served lacquer stands the most winsome and polite prettilydressed damsels, while close always next the street, the kitchen where all these dainties are prepared ! And probably in the open courtyard a large wooden tub being heated, means a charcoal stove, for the benefit some dusty travellers. Probably those travellers, well-to-do tradesmen, will proceed divest themselves all superfluous garments, and, hanging them air, will sit down in the very lightest attire, share the family meal with the well dressed ladies the party. And all these different groups your own included are, as were, in one large open room, for the paper slides which divide essay proofreading online the house into many rooms at night have all been thrown open during the day, leaving free space.