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Then the conversation becomes general amongst the guests, and life and animation increase. The ladies have arm-chairs, the literary men stools, from which, in the heat their admiration or controversy, they rise the men fashion stand, or recline, or sit the floor their silken and velvet mantles, which they spread at the feet ladies, each whom deserves not a paragraph or page merely, but a book We have ahready said that the growth the reunions was gradual, and must also remembered that they lasted fifty years, and underwent the natural transformations time.

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At first the Hotel Rambouillet was the only house in Paris dissertation writing guide always open receive, or where, in the language the day, company was held but soon there were many imitations essay editing service reviews the Blue Room, and became the fashion for ladies have their respective reception days, which, after the original model, the most famous was the Saturday Mademoiselle Scuddry. With few exceptions, all the best known literary characters attended, at different times, Madame Rambouillet's receptions. Corneille came, as have seen, and petit Bossuet, the future Eagle Meaux, was brought the hotel when was sixteen, preceded his precocious reputation as a preacher, and gave, request, a sermon after only half an hour's preparation the sermon which Voiture said, in allusion the orator's youth and the hour the night at which preached, that had never heard one before late and yet early. Amongst the most constant visitors were the four poets, Malherbe, Gombault, Racan, and Vaugelas, who gave their hostess the name Arthe'nice, an anagram Catherine but afterwards, when some one had the audacity call another Catherine the name, Malherbe wrathfully claimed as his sole invention, devised that the most honoured ladies might sung poets without the secret her name being betrayed the vulgar. Segrais called her Arth nice the beneficent, M fnage that tutor Madame S vign and Madame Lafayette and other great ladies, whose habit always was fall in love with his pupils called need help writing college essay her the admirable, Voiture the divine, and with this lofty adjective the series closed, because none beyond could imagined.

Then, in succession, the Blue Room received Scarron, afterguards the husband Madame Maintenon, but Scarron young and with both his legs the Abb Cottin, the king's preacher, Huet, the learned Avranches, Chapelain, the author La Pucelle, that poem Mm beau mats bien ennuyatx as Madame Longueville called which took thirty years write, Balzac, Voiture, Conrart, tyran des belles lettres, and first Secretary the Academy, Godeau, Vence, the faithful friend the De Rambouillet family, who always showed best advantage in days sorrow, Georges Scud and his sister Madelaine, the Prince Condd, Richelieu, first as Armand Plessis, Monsieur Chaudebonne, his brother Monsieur d'Aiguebonne, the Mar chal Guiche one the many suitors for the hand the fair Julie d'Angennes, the Chevalier d'Albret, famous for his duels and his esprit Brancas, Blairamont, Villeneuve, Arnauld Andilly, and Montausier, whom more presently as the lover Julie and the hero the courtship renowned in the All the most remarkable women the seventeenth century, as rich in women great in intellect as the century the Revolution was in women great in courage, assembled in the Blue Room.

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Madame Princesse Cond and her daughter, afterwards Madame Longueville, the future heroine the Fronde, and friend Rochefoucauld, and finally the noble if mistaken penitent Port Royal Madame Lavergne and her daughter, afterwards Madame Lafayette, the authoress novels, the Princesse Cloves and Zaide, the simple style which created a new epoch in the history romance writing she, as well as Madame Longueville, was one Rochefoucauld's friends, the last had, and, until revelations made a year ago through the publication her correspondence with Madame Royale, Regent Savoy, which show that she was always an intriguing and active political agent, for two centuries enjoyed the reputation having lived suspended between heaven and earth in a state constant nervous invalidism which made business any kind a greater fatigue than her fragility could help writing paper bear and Madame Sabl, that quaint mixture devotion, greediness, intellect, and sentiment whom Julie d'Angennes had the misfortune offend, first because she did not ask her her wedding, and then because she excused herself saying she knew Madame Sabld was not portable Madame Sable, who always promised into devotion when her first wrinkles should appear, who helped Rochefoucauld revise his Maxims, and gave him her precious receipts for the dishes no one else could make, who taught her friends how dainty artistically, and the latter years whose life, after the wrinkles came, were spent at Port Royal for she too was a Jansenist, without the austerity, understood, and whose mind, when not busy with the intellectual works her friends, was occupied plans for avoiding draughts and chills in order ward off death and attain earthly writing websites for students immortality. Madame S vign, too, the most charming women and letter-writers, graced the assemblies, as Mademoiselle Chantal first, then as a young wife with her worthless but beloved husband, then as a widow sorrowing but fortunate in his early death Mademoiselle Scud the authoress Cldia Mademoiselle Paulet, a Honne as she was called account her fiery nature, her piercing eyes, and her too golden hair and, next in importance Madame JlambouUlet herself the famous Julie d'Angennes, between whom and her mother existed one those rare and exquisite friendships, founded upon the strongest natural ties, cemented harmony taste and perfected sympathetic habit, which sometimes exist between mother and daughter. It has been long a point dispute whether Mademoiselle d'Angennes was or was not the butt Mouse's satire in the persons Armande and the Prkdeuses Ridicules mainly because she did not accept the hand Monsieur Salles, Marquis Montausier, until had paid her his addresses for thirteen years. For our own part, the discussion one which are not inclined enter upon at any length. Suffice say that, although Mademoiselle d'Angennes knew Mademoiselle Scuddry's Cl and its carU tendre and was not one those persons incongrues galanterie whom Cathos holds in contempt because they are capable beginning with marriage, believe totally inconsistent with her character suppose her consciously guilty the petty prudery and coquetry which Molifere's heroines caricatured, and that his satire was aimed, not at the model, but at the unsuccessful imitations. The position which Julie d'Angennes held in her father's house might well have satisfied any woman's heart and ambition. That house was the centre intellect, and she was upon a pinnacle surrounded admiration and deference, and adored her mother, whom in return she worshipped.

She paraphrasing worksheets for middle school had for Monsieur Montausier a sincere regard, and no doubt his constancy and homage were agreeable her, but she do my term paper for me did not feel towards him that overmastering sentiment need help writing assignment which would irresistibly have attracted her him from her mother's side and when she did at last consent marry him, was as much because she yielded general and persevering pressure as from affection.

Montausier was, however, a lover who deserved rewarded. He was constant, brave, and manly.

It sounded fine, no doubt, ears accustomed the romantic Scud language the day say that languished and died for love every day for thirteen years, but in reality, although as faithful a suitor as ever wooed and won a maid, was never love-sick. He fought in Spain and Flanders, voluntarily exiled himself from Julie for months together in Alsace, which province was governor, during the thirteen years, and was all the time resolute, active, busy, as well as tender. Mademoiselle Rambouillet had many lovers, dissertation structure says Tallemant, and few women since Helen have had their beauty sung as she has, although a beauty she never was but when she was young, and not too thin, her figure and complexion were good she danced well, was graceful and spirited Voiture, the poet, was one those who loved her, and when asked refused make any verses for the Guirlande, perhaps because was jealous, perhaps because did not choose have his verses herded with other people's. The Guirlande which Voiture would not contribute was an offering which Montausier made Julie her fete day, which fell the May. It was a collection sixty-two short poetical pieces, sixteen which are Montausier himself, one Rambouillet, the others various authors Tallemant des R aux the author the Historiettes have repeatedly quoted here, Chapelain, Godeau, Gombaud, Georges Scudtfry, and several anonymous authors, one whom may Comeille. Each poem bears the name a flower the pages the book, ninety in number, exclusive the elaborate frontispieces, were vellum twenty-nine them were illuminated with floral designs Robert, a celebrated research paper writing service india painter the day, and the verses were all dissertations help written out Nicholas Jarry, famous for his beautiful handwriting. The book was bound in morocco, red inside as well as outside, and profusely ornamented with the cypher Julie Lucine in fine gold lines the loose outside cover was frangipani, a kind scented leather made specially for such purposes.