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No single brute his fellow leads.

Brutes never meet in help writing a research paper bloody fray.

Nor cut each other's throats for pay.

Of beasts, confessed, the ape Comes nearest in human shape Like man imitates each fashion. And malice his ruling passion The odes Gray and Mason were ridiculed Lloyd and Colman in a volume now but little read.

And, sooth say, the parodies are no means brilliant They caricature the forms the odes, but they are not intrinsically interesting. How dull they are may gathered from this single specimen from the Ode Obscurity For thee from eunuch's throat still loves flow The soothing sadness his warbled woe Each day thee falls pamphlet clean, Hear, then, O goddess, hear thy vot'ry's prayer And if thou deignst take one moment's care.

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V hose Muse need help with a thesis statement still often at thy sacred shrine Thy Bard, who calls thee his, and makes him thine. O'er each sad subject, o'er each soothing strain, Of mine, O goddess, stretch thy awful reign ! Which this rude hand thee hath wrote I Of Byron, Moore, Crabbe, and Wordsworth, Rejected Addresses, course, affords sufficiently interesting parodies.

Some the lines Crabbe are really exquisite.

Of his patient and scrupulous particularity, the following lines, though now familiar, are nevertheless admirably descriptive that I fain university essay help once more John Richard William Alexander Dwyer Was footman Justinian Stubbs, Esquire But when John Dwyer listed in the Blues, Emanuel Jennings polished Stubbs's shoes. Emanuel Jennings brought his youngest boy Up as a com-cutter a safe employ In Holywell Street, St. Pancras, was bred In number twenty-seven, said Facing the pump, and near the Granby help writing thesis statements Head. He would have bound him some shop in town, But with a premium could not come down Pat was the urchin's name, a red-haired youth.

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Fonder purl and skittle-grounds than truth. Excellent, too, are such couplets as this one about Bucks with pockets empty as their pate, Lax in their gaiters, laxer in their gait Critics boast who ne'er their malice balk, But talk their minds wish they'd mind their talk. Byron, too, well illustrated the Smiths, who not only how to write dissertation proposal reproduce the familiar Childe Harold stanza, but catch happily the tone thought and sentiment For what Hamlet, but a hare in March ? And what Brutus, but a croaking owl ? And what Rolla ? Cupid steeped in starch, Orlando's helmet in Augustin's cowl. Shakespeare, how true thine adage, fair foul ! To him whose soul with fruition fraught, The song Braham an Irish howl, Thinking but an idle waste thought, And nought everything, professional dissertation help and everything nought. So in Nightmare Abbey, where, under the name Cypress, Lord how to write a dissertation Byron limned that fantastic fictionist, Peacock. Cypress there made sing a song which admirably suggestive, not only a favourite metre, but the favourite pessimism, real or affected, the poet This I may venture quote in full The brand Cain's unresting doom. Which in the lone dark souls that bear Qlows like the lamp in Tullia's tomb Unlike that lamp, its subtle fire Burns, blasts, consumes its cell the heart. Till, one one, hope, joy, desire, Like dreams shadowy smoke depart. When hope, love, life itself, are only Dust spectral memories dead and cold The unfed fire bums bright and lonely. Till time its clay-built house has rent. Thought broods feeling's desolation Not less successful than the above Mr.