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In our capacity pilgrims tasted all that was ofiered and rather enjoyed the curious fare.

Our route for some distance lay through pleasant woods, in which found a good deal white rhododendron, blue monkshood, and masses large pink campanula and small bluebells. A Pilgrimage Ihe Summit Fujiyama.

Farther passed through thick alder scrub, and found quantities real Alpine strawberries, which feasted. Finally emerged the bare cone, which presented precisely the appearance a vast cinder heap. One coolie had been told off help each the ladies, and mine did good service going ahead carrying the two ends a hammock which as being softer than a rope I had passed round waist. We pressed in advance the others, till, after ivso. hours climbing, reached the rest-house known as, where I was welcomed an old man, who, with infinite discretion, immediately spread a fautongj or wadded quilt, rolled another as a pillow, and heaped a big fire, the material for which must have been brought from the woods far below. In a few minutes I began shivering violently, but was all right ere the others arrived, which they did in a sharp thunder-shower.

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The rain soon ceased, and then for the first writers services time the summit stood out perfectly clear, seeming close that was quite aggravating not have gained But were all thoroughly tired and disinclined farther, arranged sleep here. The sunset was magnificent, and a splendid double rainbow spanned the heavens.

We had brought our own provisions and two Japanese attendants, supper was duly served, and then made the best rough quarters. Our landlady at Shibashiri had kindly lent a huge roll quilts, made in the form i need help with writing my essay gigantic wadded dressing-gowns with sleeves, three which made a very heavy automatic essay writer coolie-load.

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In these wrapped ourselves, and lay down in the comer farthest from the wood fire, round which our shivering coolies crouched, but the smoke which made our eyes ache horribly. We were, however, soon routed from our lair the heavy rain which dripped through the roof. Happily had brought large sheets oiled paper protect our baggage, and these, being spread as a canopy over our heads, proved excellent At I A.M.

woke and found the rain had ceased, and that a bright half moon was shining, quickly roused our host, coursework writing help and made him prepare rice for the coolies, and also some breakfast for ourselves, and at a.m. started for the last, and far the steepest, part the ascent.

By mistake got the track which the pilgrims descend, mba thesis writers which quite straight instead zigzaging, and also leads over very soft decomposed ash, in which sank deep at every need a thesis statement for research paper step that was very exhausting. We therefore struck across the cone, and scrambled over a belt rough lava, beyond which struck a very uncertain track, which, however, eventually led the beaten path, trodden such multitudes pilgrims, and thickly strewn with their straw sandals, as give the appearance having had straw laid over As the shoes cost somewhat less than a halfpenny a pair, they can replaced without serious extravagance, and the provident traveller wont carry at least one extra pair more would unnecessary, as they are sold at every haltingplace. Many pilgrims overtook hastening upwards, and repeating in chorus a i need help writing my thesis statement sort chaunt, Rokkonshojo, Rokkonshojo, which a formula expressive the buying research papers purity flesh and spirit required in those Towards the summit the path leads right through several small shrines, in which the faithful may purchase small paper gohiis floating from little sticks, which they plant in the lava as they ascend and the curious, whether faithful or not, can purchase odd pictures and maps Fujiyama, showing the various routes which may ascended from all sides the country. By buy an essay online dint great exertion, and with the help faithful coolie, I managed reach the summit at. A.M. just in time see all the companies white-robed pilgrims kneeling adore the rising sun as his first rays gilded the mountain-top, and chaunting deep-toned litanies. It was a very striking scene, though at a little distance the groups us essay writing services white figures kneeling the dark lava were singularly suggestive sea-birds nestling some high rock a resemblance which was increased their having removed their large hats and covered their heads with a 1 had been told that many won.