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It was long sought keep the Mother-blood intact the intermarriage the uterine brothers and sisters.

These used cohabit, and such intercourse was at one time considered not only natural and proper, but was esteemed as preferable.

The Kalangs Java are what now termed Endogamous, and when a girl asked essay service in marriage the man must prove his descent from their peculiar stock. That originally the one stock the Mother-blood.

People this stock were known both in Africa and Australia as the one-legged people, those fast custom essay who were the undivided primitive Endogamists. Prolonged efforts were made the Endogamists preserve the Mother-blood or the one flesh, as was called the aborigines Victoria, who say a man that takes a woman his own group wife, has fallen into the same flesh.

Dawson, buy college paper Australian Aborigines. It was a custom long continued the Egyptians preserve the Mother-blood the marriage the brother and sister, a custom that was sacred the Royal family, thus showing that the Mother Totemism, Tattoo and Fetishism 1 blood transmitted the elder college essay service best admission essay editing service sister was the Royal blood.

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The Goajiros Colombia in South America have divided and subdivided into a score Totemic groups, but they all preserve the descent in the female line, and therefore from the Mother-blood. For, if a member wounds himself with his own knife not allowed spill any his own blood without paying for His family the Mother's side demand blood-money in compensation for their loss.

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There was no individual property in the Mother-blood. This belonged the family or tribe.

It happens with the Gonds Central India that they have lost much their pure blood intermixture with the Hindu race.

Hence, at the installation a rajah his forehead must touched with a drop blood drawn from the body a pure aborigine the tribe which the rajah belongs. Forsyth, J. Highlands Central India, 1. Intermarriage has now come called Endogamy in opposition Exogamy, or marriage outside the group. But the family traced from the Mother-blood was earlier than the Totemic tribe. When the children one and the same mother intermarried, a kind Endogamy, however limited, would founded. And when the children one mother were compelled marry the children another mother a sort Exogamy was The Mother was the foundress the family, consisting herself and children. The foundation the human structure was in blood, the blood the Mother. The fact was commemorated in bloodsacrifice when the victim was immured, or the blood was poured out at the base the building the custom, like others, a mode memorial that was continued in Sign-language when the origin and meaning the act were inexplicable. The Mother-blood, repeat, was primary, and various customs, rites, or ceremonies show the purpose that was intended keep the one first blood, that the Mother, intact. Each family would proud and prefer their own fount source, and endeavour keep pure. Hence the marriage the uterine brother and sister was a mode preserving the Mother-blood.