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The Medway, Rochester, Chatham, all these opening out are ever associated with him. This tract country always seems painted in two colours warm brick, mellow red tiles or shingle roof, and a deep green, as rich and mellow add this a third tint, the chill greys the strangely bending river which attend you side side Nearly opposite his gate as the old FalstafT help with writing a personal statement Inn, often described.

Here, in this charming circle, with the pleasant gardens and flowers, the little croquet-ground a recent acquisition each day went like an hour can I see him lying the grass, enjoying its calm, or standing about in his resolute fashion and attitude. I recall one Sunday, sultry even at the early hours when I started off a walk before breakfast. I fancy that I may quote a little description, written myself, in his own journal The scene a charming bit double colour, red brick and green sward an English high road, or rather in these railway times green lane, with an old tree or two, and a belfry in the roof and from this I start a very bright Sunday morning, making for a semi-military, semi-nautical settlement some miles away.

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I have never seen the nauti military settlement, and not know the road, the whole has a prospect adventure. Adventure there was none but the reader will understand how pleasantly one turns back, for reasons unmeaning as compared with the incidents other days, little pictures this sort.

The green help with developing a thesis statement lane went and down, became a high road, encountering with gigs and a stray waggon and a yellow van there was a race or a fair somewh the Monday with a two-wheeled showcart meaner pretensions the proprietor which walked his vehicle in a Sunday cloak made out the gaudy and dappled oilcloth which served profane occasions as his roulette board. There was distinctly the blue and the red, and the less fortunate black, and the all lucky crown, most gorgeous in its yellow, displayed upon Next, I met tidy women, very smart, and their lords in very roomy royal blue dress-coats and brass buttons, and those extra-short double-breasted waistcoats which honest but sorely writing thesis service tempted children the soil always wear in melodramas. These were distinctly not goin hospital and I could pardon them for turning aside the rustic inn, which you mounted steps, which had two bow-windows with diamond panes and plenty flowers, and a sign well the road, and called the Jolly Waggoner.

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If were a little later, I should myself have liked and make the acquaintance the Jolly Waggoner and his ale.

After three or four miles, during which the sun was growing a little proposal writing for cleaning services strong, and the dust perhaps rather acrimonious in its visits the eyes, the great river and bridge came in sight.

And there, while the spectator leaned the bridge and looked in every direction, was a view that might sanctify any Sunday morning. A great full river, with that most satisfactory brimming fulness which recalled the Rhine, and a noble bridge many arches, hill-shaped according the older pattern, and whose piers seemed stand firmly and confidently in the water and defy any winter's flood, as if they were great granite calves legs belonging a many-legged granite giant, who could stride or down the river with ease.

At the opposite side was the little old town, and the little old town's ruined castle rising solemnly the hilJ, and the little old town's houses very much crowded, and forced down the edge the water. And then beyond the little old town was the nautico-military town, which climbed a hill laid out in ancient lines and more ancient fosses and beyond the hill, down far below, the river had got in again and was wading under that Sunday's sun, glittering and glistening very far below, with the dockyards at its edge and the at shipbuilding sheds monster coach-houses, but which now looked like tiny mousetraps. A charming view until modem man stepped in spoil all, or rather the cruel, rapacious, and ubiquitous London, At and Dashover Railway, running amuck through the country, hurled a heavy iron trough across the pretty river, and side side the pretty bridge.

As I looked at its raw lines with disgust, and at its endless rivets, and heard reverberating and clanging with a passing personal statement help uni train, I seemed hear say, like an ugly bully, rve as much right here you, I can beside,ywK, write my psychology paper if I like, or you, or anywhere I like ! Still pressing I entered the little old town, which buy original research papers all a snake-shaped street, with old rusty inns, and old posting-yards, and a few old framed houses their old bones and joints well looked and kept as fresh as paint could keep them. I liked the way they projected over and covered the pathway, and I liked their gables still more. I went out into the road have a good stare the amazement the family, who were reading their Bibles a Sunday morning, and thought the profane stranger might better employed. Everything looked as bright and clean as a Dutch town, even the one policeman, who, having little began an affable conversation. Taking another bend, the little old town showed some genuine red brick houses with yellow stone comers online thesis writing service and high French roofs little Kensingtons, with a delightful old clock that hung out over the street in a mass florid carving. Behind was a niche, and a flamboyant statue a naval officer in a wig and gauntlets, pointing, I know the French the brave old admiral Cloudesley, in whose honour the red brick tenement had been reared. Farther was a famous almshouse where Six Poor Travellers get their lodging and fourpences, and which looked snug and clean enough make one wish a poor traveller and farther again was an unmistakeable ediBce, in good repair, with a portico and pillars, and some little dwindled bills the walls which I was glad see that the Theatre Royal was in play. Approaching and reading with interest the commonest booth a theatre has ever a fascination for much the disgust a sour middle-aged lady with her husband and boy, who was making uncharitable Sabbatarian remarks, I find that Mr.