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It drew the gold itself and until the dew stopped them, the experimenters continued In continuance their work, Mr. Gray and Mr.

Wheler repeated their experiment with the long line, using the turret window as their station, and extending the conductor a distance seven hundred and sixty-five feet. And now with the feats conduction and insulation revealed them, and the poor brother did an immense number strange tricks, which must have astonished the household at Otterden Place amazingly.

They suspended packthread the magical glass tube a map the world, an umbrella, a table-cloth, a loadstone, and made all these articles attract light substances like gold-leaf and feathers down. They brought out strings from the tube in radiating form, and discovered that the current could carried in three directions at the same time.

They began with things life. They suspended a young help with writing a personal statement fowl packthreads from the tube, and found that when the tube was excited the young fowl First experiments in relation animal electricity.

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On August the this same year, 1, Mr.

Gray made anotheir basic advance a most simply devised experiment can someone write my thesis He had returned this time Norton Court, and Mr. Godfrey had the honour giving him the place for the work this new discovery. Two liair-lines, with corks at the ends, were put parallel each other, and united packthread.

The excited glass rod was then brought near the lines, and was seen that the corks at the ends the lines attracted, although the tube did not actually touch the lines.

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Then a pole was suspended hair-lines with a cork ball suspended from The excited rod was brought near the pole without touching and help writing a research paper the cork ball was seen attract First help on writing a thesis observation the phenomena induction, or charging induction, in electrical science and art In addition, have him trying whether solid and hollow cubes oak will attract help for english essays equally, and get from his inquiry an affirmative Soon after these important events Mr. Gray returned his Car thusian retirement, where carried many more curious researches. On September the tried, electrifying a hoop, whether electricity would move in a circle, and learned that would whether the hoop were placed upright or were placed phd thesis writer horizontally. In 1 electrified a soap-bubble, and made attract.

In April the same year suspended a boy, who in his clothes weighed forty-seven pounds, hair-lines, and then, turning the excited glass tube the feet the boy, observed that leaf-brass and other similar light substances were attracted his face. In July this year was again at Otterden Place, and, repeating the long-line experiment, sent a message professional personal statement writing services eight hundred and eighty-six feet In this year, 1 1, Stephen Gray was honoured the Royal Society. That august body, for his new electrical experiments, and as an encouragement him for the readiness has always shown in obliging the society with his discoveries and improvements in this part natural knowledge, awarded him the Copley Medal. On thesis writing assistance November the the same help writing a book year there was a perfect fSte at the rooms the society. The Duke Lorraine, accompanied the Prince Wales, came down admitted as a Fellow. A newly-invented fire-engine that had been used at York was exhibited and Dr. Frobenius lectured phlogiston and the transmutation phosphorus, the cost the phosphorus help with writing a dissertation used amount ing the sum ten guineas. After the lecture, the Fellows retired the library, where friend Stephen, the Carthusian, performed more electrical experiments, showing how easily electricity travels along conductors.