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It however, in the lowest members each group that may expect find the most marked likeness the. primitive type and root-stock from which these classes have been derived.

Hence, Chiton and Dentalium that turn for aid in solving the problem before The young Tooth-shell unmistakeably a worm. Its barrel-shaped body, its circlets cilia, its end tuft these appendages all are characters which reproduce before the embryo worm.

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Nor the early history chiton materially different from that the Tooth-shell. The young chiton 11, A leaves the as have seen, with a ciliated girdle in the middle its body, a long tuft cilia its what is the best site to buy essays head whilst this embiyo seems In some Byeways Development.

proceed even further the worm-track, when find its body become segmented or divided as in the worms B, C these divisions becoming the shell-plates the mature Chiton. Thus Chiton may regarded, without exaggeration, as a worm-form existing under a molluscan guise. And when arrive at the higher gasteropods, with their veliger-stage and troch sphere, see produced before simply a later modification the worm stock. The life history a sea-butterfly or pteropod, in fact, takes the narrative where the development chiton ends Chiton led the worm-larva stage, and thereafter branches off its lower molluscan path. But the pteropod may, as have seen, begin life as the worm, and proceeds not merely develop its veliger-stage, but remains I ermanently therein flapping its way over the surface the sea means the permanent velum, or its substitute in the form custom writer the fins or wings. Last all, a gasteropod like jEoUs presents with a multum in parro the whole process gasteropod and molluscan evolution. Here, take the story at the stage where the pteropod history concluded. Eolis and its neighbours, or Lymneus, passing through the pteropod stage, each wiih its velum, develop onwards become the higher and shelled gasteropod, help writing a term paper and represent the furthest evolution the race. Thus, from the worms the lampshells one hand, and the chitons and Toothshells the other from these latter, in turn, the pteropod and thence the bivalves and gasteropods, the track development seems plainly marked. The whole story tells that a shifting panorama the modification the animal form phase succeeding phase, and each new succession forms obscuring, or may intensifying, the development the preceding classes and groups.

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But, clearly review writing service marked or obscure, understood fully or only suggested the mind, the whole process development reveals the operation a great law evolution and progressive change, manifested through those wondrous cycles and transformations which nature seems dissertation software never weary exhibiting the earnest mind and seeking eye.

If, finally, one might tempted inquire into the origin these ciliated worm-larvae themselves, may find that speculative natural history not unprepared with a reply. We are reminded that, as the early changes egg-segmentation are not peculiar the molluscs, neither are the book editing services veliger stages the special belongings that group animals.

The velum, or its representative ciliated girdles, appears before equally in the development the echinoderms or starfish group, the worm, the wheel-animalcule or rotifer, and the mollusc. The zoologist would further remind that these ciliary bands often remain in adult animals, and are represented certain stable possessions, such as tentacles or feelers, gills, arms lampshells, and like structures. It probable enough, saj Professor Ray I-ankester, that all the ciliated bands invertebrate embryos even adult organisms, can explained as derrvatives one primitive organ. If this professional research writers thought fully worked out, contains a veritable philosopher's stone for the zoologist, inasmuch as enables account for the forms and structures animals a rational basis. That say, the particular form and structure an animal or class are due the fashion in which the original ciliated bands the larva and the embryo itself have been modified the external and internal forces which now, as old, operate living things. Professor Lankester has suggestively worked out this idea the derivation all existing embryos from a type-form, which has given the name Architroch a form represented deputy, speak, in certain worms in the sea-mat class, as aduh or nisms.