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When have render an account our stewardship, the introduction opium into Burmah will persuasive writing homework help figure as a black item.

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A deputation the principal men Akyab waited the Chief Commissioner, pointing out these evils, and praying for an entire prohibition the trade in opium.

Serious as must the loss revenue from such a cdurstf shall have ultimately adopt From the evidence English officials obvious that half-measures will not meet this evil, and that an entire prohibition the sale opium the only course that will save portions Burmah from ruin. Sorrows an Infant Book-Collector.

I AM disposed supply the reader with an instance the sorrows that may befall a juvenile collector.

At a very early age I was bitten with best term paper service the mania Mr. Ruskin book-collecting, and boyish funds were hoarded for the purchase Carews, Withers, and Sucklings, and the poets generally whom Leigh Hunt introduced in his delicious Imagination and Fancy. At that period I had the good fortune, or what at first seemed such, come across a volume portentous thickness, containing three works which in these editions claim among the rarest in the English language. These were the Canterbury Tales Chaucer, the Confessio Amantis Gower, and the Troy Book, as often called, the Fall Princes I now, at a distance close forty years, forget which Lydgate.

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The printers the three works were respectively Caxton, Wynk Worde, and Pynson.

Five pounds was the sum demanded for the volume the bookseller, who, without knowing its value, held rare, and asked what thought a stiff price for Home I rushed obtain the money.

Alas ! efforts were vain. To give five pounds for a book was regarded all whom I could appeal as simple madness.

My juvenile erudition slight enough, but adequate tell the occasion was one not likely recur was laughed at and contemned.

In the manufacturing districts, online essay writing service indeed, online custom essay writing service in which I dwelt, a purchase such as I proposed seemed at that time an unheard-of extravagance.

Maternal aid, which had enabled accomplish many a less important acquisition, could not meet the present emergency, and reluctantly and sorrowfully I was compelled let the occasion pass. So far as I remember now this book, was not quite write my book report for me perfect works this class rarely are. Each work had, however, the title. The value the book then purchased for five pounds would now at least five hundred. To this day I feel a pang as I think the chance that came in marketing writer way mock No great interest, except for the collector, has this juvenile tragedy, but the story absolutely true. ONE effect produced upon Clement late events was an unaccountable chill in his feelings towards doctor. It was not anything definite as actual distrust He had not thought the matter out in any way, or asked thesis titles himself anything as the nature the change in his feelings. But the change was there, present always, and filling him with a certain pain. He was unwilling see doctor. He shrank from speaking him.