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Community origin proved two animals following the same beaten track for a longer or shorter distance dissimilarity arising when their pathways diverge and the route divides. Thus much for what observed in the development animals, as already illustrated in these pages. What inferred the biologist from the facts early development ? The reply was clearly enough given in the phrase, development repeats descent buy english research papers otherwise, the history an mdividual's development presents with a panoramic or changing picture, more or less obscured, the descent or development its race.

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In the absence such a thought, all development. Rejecting the idea that the phases individual development repeat the evolution the species, may only say that the facts natural history are either form a mere snare entrap our judgment.

Even in the later developments animals, wereable trace, as have seen, striking suffice indicate the gTounds opened, lowing iLiam isar.dfoott. which the latter assertion based whilst the history the insect-class in its developmental aspect teaches the same practical and pregnant lesson. It might copious enough illustration but there remain for notice one or two lifehistories which, whilst fields already treated, possess yet an interest their own.

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rentlydifferentclassesofanimals which evolution explams in rational grant writing services and consistent fosbion.

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The In some Byeways Development, 1 group. Molliisca known popularly as that the shi.ll fish and having as its pica! members if the oysters mussels cockles smils uhelks and cuttlefishes the htter existing at thi, head custom dissertation writing service the group 1 presents ith business assignment dissertations writing service writers one or typicil at least four well mirked classes these four groups may placed leropoda, which the snails, slugs, limpets, whelks, examples.

The Pteropodii form a small class, selected as representatives whilst last and highest come the Cephalopoda, or cuttlefishes don the Molluscan type animals. txM. in Oclapus iwimniins bacliwatdt.

ment the three dissertation help literature review first-mentioned classes, are struck the similarity they present in their early history.

The cuttlefishes, may mentioned, differ from the other groups in development, and present with an ancient and early specialised group beings whose early history and evolution really a matter cockle, select a familiar member the first later, however, the young bivalve develops a somewhat rounded, A at the upper or head-extremity which appears an expanded disc often described as consisting two distinct lobes or halves richly fringed with the minute vibratile processes called a and named the. In the centre this velum, an elongated tuft cilia usually found in addition, the tuft being known as the flagdlum. Thus pro, videdwithitsvibratilehairs, Showing iheiheiideticimi. wWch lines the shell, and in fact forms the latter structure whilst in due course the internal organs are developed, and the young literature review dissertation shellfish assumes the likeness the adult. The oyster and cockle are thus seen pass through a help in writing veliger stage, A, each with its ciliated lobes and its freeswimming powers, through the exercise which the oyster-spat may conveyed great distances from its birthplace. As shall presently note, the likeness this wandering embryo the young certain lower animals distinctly marked. The curious ship-worm, or, which was termed Linnxus calamitas vium, and In some Byeways Development. which effects an Immense amount destruction annually the irood our piers and haibouTs, in reality a bivalve mollusc. Its body shortened and its breathing tubes are extended form the wormlike body, whilst its shells are nidimentary and serve as boring organs.