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Miller wrong in attributing the heat evolved bending tin the peculiar molecular structure that produces its cry.

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per acre whilst in an adjoining meadoWy a fisumer cut his grass July 1, and after working hand labour till August 11, found all spoilt At Haarlem, the fiirm Amersfoordt, grass that had been cut for two days was made into hay in five minutes and could stacked with perfect safety. buy a term paper online In all these and other cases, the hay was superior in colour and fiagrance that made in the usual manner, and evidently ncd i all 1 Is stock.

-tj Even may saved, and more or less restored, itificj dryi which evidently destroys the parasitic fungoid vegetation and other germs upon which its mouldiness depends.

Mr. Rodericlc, Quintein Hill, Waltham Abbey, says Nineteen loads damaged hay, which would otherwise have been useless, were rendered £t for stacking at the rate loads per hour. I realised jQ or £ the day-and-a-halfs use the hay-drier.

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Other similar experiences are recorded. Besides all kinds grain, which both the straw and the seeds are dried, the principle applicable seeds, coffee, tea, megass, malt, hops, peas, perfume plants, pot-heibs, 1 write this more especially because I have lately seen, research paper service write my summary the great grass district which lies around Harrow, seo writing services and upon a part which I live, magnificent second crops hay mowed during September and October this year. Some has been carried green foi stallfeeding, and a large quantity writing services made into wretchedly bad hay, the cocks which are scarcely distinguishable, at a distance, from manure heaps. All this might have been saved artificial drying and at such a season as that just passed, where the hot weather July brought forward fine grain crops, which only failed for lack drying at harvest-time, the saving the nation would have been enormous had our farmers availed themselves the appliances which With our unreliable climate, and compensating abundance fuel, artificial drying should the rule, not the exception. Those who have tried fairly say that, even in the finest harvest weather our cUm.-ite, cheaper and better than ordinary air-drying. The subject one primary national importance, but, like many other scientific elopmcnts buy a history research paper agriculture, demanding an invcstnient capital for prospective return, its adoption will a very slow process, as the tenant-farmer who has no lease or other permanent interest in his farm cares little or nothing for improvements which, raising the possible produce a given area, land, only affect him raising his rent at about the same rate as they increase his profits. How much trading enterprise would exist in London or any other city if the shopkeepers were tenants-at-will, who could turned out their premises at months notice and the good-will tiieir business told the landlosd vxf commerdal rival? coal, under certain cooditioiis, concerned in the loading ships. Very serious accidents have occurred from neglect proper precautions due want knowledge. No less than were recorded among 1,11 ships in 1. Many probably occur which have no custom academic writing services record, as some the missing ships in which all hands have perished may have been lost such combustion theur coal stores or coal cargoes.