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Till then, farewell. So absorbed was I in best college writing services contemplating the position, that I forgot the ordinary civilities which a host owes his guest, and made his exit unattended.

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When I found myself alone, a paroxysm rage for a moment took possession of perhaps not much in consequence the loss the game, as because the patronising tone in which opponent addressed after having himself escaped a hair'sbreadth from the fate which inflicted upon In this frame mind I retired for the night, but was many hours before mind became oblivious the troubles the day. Two days elapsed before I found courage look at a chessboard again, with the object pondering over the game played against mysterious visitor and the more I looked at the position, the more clearly became apparent tome that own impetuosity and over-confidence in safety had caused the loss the game.

With a mate the move, I forgot wily opponent, who manoeuvred that, the sacrifice his queen and two rooks, inflicted defeat in seven successive checks.

Had I kept queen at home, and opened game advancing pawns, was evident that I could not have failed secure victory. The oftener I analysed the game the more convinced I became that Mephisto depended rather upon over-confidence in attack than upon want combining power and circumspection and this reflection seemed renew courage for re-engaging adversary in the remaining games our match. I purposely avoided the chess-board, and spent a few day in the country thereby gaining vigour body and clearness min before returning home meet opponent.

On the day our next appointment I arranged the ble with chess-board and men in readiness for the arrival visitor.

I was desirous that Mephisto should not suspect the slightest hesitation part meet him in our encounter. He arrived paraphrasing worksheets 5th grade in good time, and entered the room unannounced.

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A pleasing self-satisfied smile was his face, which made remark, that no doubt felt sure his victim, but that did not require any special politeness his part confirm in resolution abide the stipulations our compact My dear A. replied, you are in error if you think the emotions expressed in features are caused our meeting.

What makes feel happy the result latest adventure but I will not entertain you relating this, as the time will soon arrive when I shall make you fully acquainted with me, and when you will learn with surprise that history closely interwoven with the history the human mind that as this latter widens its field inquiry and its depth comprehension, that extent will raison d'etre vanish, and whole character understood.

But more this anon let proceed our game, as time pressing with and I should not like guilty hurrying you in your moves.

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Mephisto had the college essay writing service first move and replying with pawn K, led a Ruy Lopez. I took advantage the analytical studies our modem masters, especially Zukertort, who have homework paper writers thoroughly exhausted this opening in both attack and defence, and defended myself in a manner which caused adversary study carefully these, him, perhaps new positions. who can write my thesis I succeeded afler the eighteenth or twentieth move not only in making the game even, but in forcing the exchange, and attack assumed an apparently overwhelming character. Mephisto, however, proved himself a wonderful pawn player, and evidently endeavoured gain the advantage pushing'a pawn queen prevent which, I was obliged give the exchange. This, as well as his excellent manoeuvring the knights, enabled him ward off the immediate danger, personal statement writing service london and bring about an equality pieces, as shown in the following position We were both left with queen, rook, and three pawns, but the advantage position was greatly in favour. I threatened mate the move, which could only avoided an exchange queens his rook was prise, and I had a free pawn at K ready to queen. He could not possibly escape this time, particularly since any attempt his part mate could only result in a draw, owing the position king. I must have involuntarily evinced delight at the apparent certainty with which I thought I had caught the devil, because Mephisto looked at with a sneering smile, and said, No doubt, dear A. you look upon our contest as coming a favourable conclusion through your unquestionably excellent play but I sorry inform you, that you mistake the issue this game. You must observe that now move and taking advantage I can mate you in seven moves at latest.