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This tearing the host in term paper buy pieces tooth and nail was continued in the Egyptian, Greek, and other mysteries and comes about that the body Osiris or the Christ was torn in pieces as flesh in the form bread, and every one the communicants must drink the wine as blood. Hence the commandment Drink all And here may remarked that the sacrificial victim in the Gospel eaten alive, at least, the Last Supper solemnized before the victim was crucified. We next see the group communicants extending beyond the inner circle when, as related Angas, the different parts the body were apportioned according the human relationship, the choicest portions essay writing service canada being paraphrasing sites given those who had been nearest and dearest the departed essay editing software in this life. It was from affection the children ate their parent, but the ceremony devouring her alive was awesome and cruel. It had performed, from motives that sufficed establish the custom, but she was not eaten because the act was cruel. Still, the cruel ending her life made her become a sacrificial victim, and as she was eaten piously, the meal was sacramental cover letter writing services australia and the prototype all the sacraments in which the Totemic zootypes or the Divine Son succeeded as the victim sacrificed at the Eucharistic Meal.

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The Mother gave her life back the family or tribe whilst living.

She was literally eaten alive. In accordance with the law Tabu, was buy term papers essays the custom for everyone share and share alike all round in killing and eating the sacrifice. This was when the victim was a fawn or a kid. But no victim was naturally calculated raise the initial difficulty striking the first blow in a form acutely cruel as the Mother.

This must have verily necessitated the practice college admission essay help all the participants falling the victim together avoid the sense individual blood-guiltiness.

Everyone must partake the body, everyone must tear the flesh and lap the blood everyone must share the responsibility the awful act. The Mother was not only eaten physically. There was a primitive kind spiritual communion celebrated in the rite which raised a religious status. The body and blood were supposed converted into spirit.

The theory explicitly expressed in the Greek statement that the dead was raised again in the same sacrifice.

All tasted the sacrificial flesh, that cheapest essay writers the life the victim was renewed in the lives those who ate Theophrastus in Porph.

Be Abst. II. Cited in Encyclopaedia Brit, XXI, 1, Ninth And this, content writing services us course, applied the Mother as well as any other victim whose flesh was eaten as a sacrifice. In eating the flesh and blood the Mother, the Brothers were absorbing her soul life and she was being converted into a spirit. The idea survives in the Alcestis. As pointed out Percy Gardner Sepulchral Belief from Tarentum, 1, the heroine the drama scarcely dead before she invoked the chorus as a superhuman Power able give and withhold favours, now that she has been transubstantiated. Eating the human Mother as the Eucharist at the family meal led naturally eating the Mother Life who gave herself in food that men might live the Mother who was represented the Ainu SheBear, the Acagchemen Panes-Bird, online essay writers the crucified Great Mother the Cypriotes, or the blood Isis in Egypt, and who, under various mythical or Totemic types, was the renewer life offering her own the earliest type voluntary sacrifice which preceded that Horus the Saviour-Son or Osiris in a later Eucharist.