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The Welshmen made a desperate defence at first, but towards evening, when most the gentlemen had fallen at close quarters, the herd serfs and peasants began give way, then was seized with panic, and at length broke away in terror, and fled tumultuously every man his house. Wulfgeat and his men took possession the nearest villa homesteads, ate all that they found in the granaries and store-houses, killed most the short-horned cattle, and burnt the villas next day out pure mischief before they began their morning's march. They were fine reckless destroyers and pillagers, these same noble AngloSaxon ancestors ours. Wulfgeat's first victory gave him all the peninsular region between Yarmouth and Lowestoft, where and his Englishmen settled down at once.

Then sent back several his keels, manned just as many men as were necessary navigate them, Holtingatun bring over the remainder his clan, women and children, and upon the neighbouring custom writing usa clans join them.

Meanwhile, and his people divided out the land already won the chief warriors and with tlie land they distributed the Welsh serfs whom they found upon Most the able-bodied men, true, they killed in cold blood, lest they should rebel against them but all the women, the children, and the young lads, they spared and divided out one another as slaves.

Indeed, in their language, the words Welshman and slave became thenceforth synonymous.

If an Eminent Historian had been present the occasion, no doubt would have urged upon them the pressing necessity killing off all the Welsh without distinction, in order preserve the absolute purity the Teutonic blood in future.

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He would have pointed out the extremely unhistorical proposal writing for cleaning services character their action in sparing many undoubted Kelts, and would have shown that such weak-minded and womanly conduct must quite upset the groundwork all his theories.

But this, Wulfgeat and his companions would justly have replied, that they preferred keep slaves their work for them, rather than themselves that they wanted land and agricultural labourers that these Welsh serfs had been trained understand Roman methods cultivation and that as the Britain writing a dissertation the nineteenth century, the exact proportions Keltic and Teutonic blood which was likely contain were a matter supreme indifference them. Very unhistorical and unpatriotic, no doubt but still, very natural In truth, even without such a wholesale and universal massacre, the conquest East Anglia must have been quite terrible and horrible enough. What nameless cruelties and wickednesses were really perpetrated, the pen this century shrinks from telling in full. Homesteads burnt and desolated women and children fljring foot, terror-stricken and houseless, towards the great Roman fortresses in the south essay writing services recommendations men hiding from the heathen pirates in fens and woods and open heaths, and dragged out at last speared or hacked in pieces for pure sport and devilry Christian Welsh maidens handed over the tender mercies brutal pagan corsairs widowed mothers and orphan children divided lot as slaves rough and savage masters, who would treat them as much wretched Welsh rubbish.

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All this was bad enough in itself, without the impossible addition an indiscriminate extermination how to hire a ghostwriter and I, for part, cannot find in heart to-day thankful for at alL Even the proud privilege being an Englishman, and not a Russian, or a Prussian, or an Italian, or no better than these Keltic Scotchmen and Irishmen the help book essay who caimot boast pure Teutonic pedigree even this magnificent birthright hardly reconciles the humiliating thought that only forty generations separate at this moment from those callous and bloodthirsty piratical ruffians.

Can any believer in heredity wonder, after short a space imperfectly civilising influences, that a recrudescence barbarism should now and again drive into all the similar cruelties and injustices an Afghan Wulfgeat messengers soon spread abroad in Old England the tale the first conquest, the naughtness the Welsh and the land's wealth.

Before long more keels from many clans came over aid him, and the boats the Holtings themselves carried across the ladies the aethelings, and even the long-homed Teutonic cattle from the Baltic marshland.

Step step the English advanced over the face the Icenian Isle, and the end about three years they had conquered every inch Then they cut off the Roman bridge across the Stour, and isolated themselves utterly in the New England East England, as the help essay on racism men called afterwards, when the Middle English had settled farther the west, beyond the fens when the North English had colonised all the braes Lothian and all the wolds York and when kindred colonies Saxons had planted themselves along all the more southerly shores from Essex Southampton Water. But for the present was known as England only, while all the land the west and south was known as Welsh land Thus the English first settled in Britain. Wulfgeat ealdorman himself was a proud man, indeed, when had conquered his new phd dissertation dominions. The North Folk, true, set a new king their own account, a certain Beowulf the Scylding, who led the second body English immigrants. But the South Folk, from Yare Stour, clave Wulfgeat, and the day the final victory over the miserable remnant the Welsh near the Fenland border, they chose the ealdorman for father and for king. Wulfgeat that day had stormed the fastness the last Icenian gentleman who held out in the main Suffolk, and having killed the chief in cold blood, had dragged off his daughter as bride. If an Eminent Historian had been present, indeed, would have expostulated the absurdity and inconsistency thus admitting a Christian college research paper help Welsh woman the privileges the Teutonic wife, and would have quoted a distinguished dignitary the hospital prove that such a course action was quite impossible and highly un-English. But Wulfgeat might have answered but for the gross anachronism involved that what Northumbrian princes did in the sixth and seventh centimes might reasonably in the fifth and that if chose many a Welsh lady, would without buy a thesis standing interference from anybody. At any rate, did, and as a faithful chronicler I compelled tell the story as I have received without deference That very evening, in moot the battlefield, under a Woden's oak the edge the Fenland, Witta the Thoming rose and said Holtings, Thornings, Wealdings, Swefelings, and other men the South Folk We have won this land with our worth, slaying foes in the slaughter, and now the Welsh are all subdued, nor diere one Welshman left in Icen Isle.