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I felt a little ashamed, and was the point excusing myself, when Mephisto addressed in the following words You have no doubt in your experience found that Fate often appears deal with as if purposely test our mental and moral qualities, promising the easy achievement our desires, and, at the moment accomplishment, causing disappointment in an unexpected manner. Well for him who has sufficient fortitude take life as comes in welfare and adversity, determined the best can, since thereby the battle life half won.

It for you now, dear A.

test the qualities your mind, accepting the decision our contest as revealed in the position the chess-board before sat essay help You are confident the game in your favour and if you had the move, you could no doubt bring the battle a successful issue but as turn play, I enabled mate you if you make the best reply in seven moves, and I beg you calmly examine the position, and acknowledge the inexorable fate which gives the power demand your surrender. Stung this patronising admonition, I felt that desperation and a spiteful sentiment had possessed as prevent from quietly considering the state the game ascertain how far Mephisto was correct I told him rather impetuously, as if ignoring his announcement mate, that had better play, bring the game a conclusion. Without apparently noticing temper, Mephisto took knight with his rook, giving He now sacrificed his queen taking rook, checking, and Although now fully aware that position was hopeless, I played making moves mechanically and quickly, goaded Mephisto's brusque manner, which had assumed whilst these moves were being played.

I had nothing left but push pawn, which took with his knight, original term papers for sale checking, and I as readily and quickly played king Q whereupon Mephisto grasped his rook give what I saw at once was a neat My fate was decided, services were assigned the devil, and the deserved reward a foolish freak made itself painfully felt All this flashed instantaneously through mind, and in despair I was the point sinking back into chair, when I saw opponent, coursework uk great uc personal statement writing service astonishment, allow the rook drop out his hand, whilst a fiendish laugh, which sounded like a yell agony, shook the room and the house its foundation. Utterly unable comprehend the meaning this finish our game and the paroxysms rage which Mephisto gave vent, the reflections upon fate became doubly painful.

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My diabolical master seemed gloat over his conquest, and his manners prepare for the tortures But where was Mephisto ? Neither sight nor sound revealed his presence His disappearance heightened the mystery the whole scene much that I at first hesitated raise myself out chair.

It was quite evident that had suddenly disappeared, but I failed perceive the cause this. Before leaving, had swept the chessmen off the board contrary his former custom, when had left the position study.

Curiosity made play over the game, bringing again the position in which had announced mate in seven that ominous number ! moves, and I carefully repeated the continuation as recorded until I came the last The whole secret lay revealed I Mephisto could not, or would not, make the move ! Why ? Dear reader, customer service writing I cannot tell you why but if you take a chess board and men, into your chamber, lock the door, set the position as shown in the diagram, and make the moves as stated, you will understand why Mephisto could not, and I dared help with writing essay not, make the final move. Astonishment at the turn adventure had taken made for the moment quite overlook the consequences.

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Mephisto, not having completed his last move, had not mated course, according his own stipulation, I had won the match and in the excitement the moment I cried aloud, The devil caught henceforth his services will mine, and I shall chain him the chess-table uk dissertation help play for amusement.

I had scarcely uttered these words, when I discovered Mephisto standing side, his piercing eye fixed cheap essay writer mine and replied, I take you at your word but why for your own amusement only, when there are many devotees the game who will anxious measure their chess strength against me? You look at in astonishment, no doubt, hardly reahsing the idea being publicly exhibited but sit down, and I will tell you why I suggest this. You have, during absence just now, discovered the reason inability mate you in the number moves I declared hence I accept the game as a draw, i need help writing an essay and the match as decided in Fate has declared against and although I might have chosen a different course, would have entailed upon a sacrifice too great compensated for.

I therefore assign you services, the nature which you have already indicated. I can, continued, read in your face your surprise at the readiness with which I submit the conditions our compact and explain this, as well as prepare you for the relation in which are stand each other in the future, pray listen the following I have already informed you that superior knowledge the forces Nature and their practical application enables produce phenomena which appear the ignorant the result supernatural powers, and that I have used this physical advantage for the gratification desire combat and punish deceit, pretence, and arrogance. It not surprising that in return I should reviled as the origin sin, and that control the natural forces should adduced as a proof wickedness. The earliest record the world's history gives proof the fact that ignorance the one side and cuiming the other combined ascribe the cause all evil in the world and although the ideas about form and activity, may have altered during the last centuries, was not until a superior mind, about two hundred years ago Baruch Spinoza proved, and endeavoured convince his contemporaries, that the existence an evil spirit interfering in the world's development was incompatible with the existence an Almighty ruler the universe. He was rewarded expulsion from his community. Other enlightened minds followed, who attempted free the public mind from the disturbed ideas about being who showed the absurdity the horns, cloven hoof, and tail with which a diseased imagination had pictured and who combated the persecutions witches write my lab report as the outcome overstrained fanaticism. Most coursework history these men, whose views and ideas were in advance their times, had suflfer for their boldness in combating the prevailing popular superstitions. Still, these numerous attempts destroy the belief in the existence an evil spirit which acts independently the Almighty have not been without effect in enlightening the minds the present generation and the liberal views entertained this subject your men science and the clergymen the English Protestant hospital, for instance, induce believe that the time has come when I may boldly show myself in public. Let presence in your midst a proof the fact that, whatever evil done henceforth in the world, the devil has had no hand in and that any attempt shift the guilt upon should looked upon as an indirect admission the accuser's own guilty conscience.