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This method superseding the painful and dangerous probing a healing wound does in surgery what the stethoscope does in medicine for the diagnosis lung disease.

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The analogy the stethoscope curiously complete, for in both cases hearing takes the place vision the cover letter writing service ear, aided science, enabled see that which NOW that are all at the seaside, something about ozone seasonable, especially buy cheap thesis online seaside ozone.

The idea that the air over the ocean more highly charged with ozone than that over the land has been much disputed, and yet the general properties what call sea air, are quite in accordance with the hypothesis that contains more than an average supply this active form I have a theory own the subject, which I will hereby communicate.

It was suggested thus Walking the Deal beach at night with a stout stick in hand, I observed flashesj pale light whenever I thrust the end the stick forcibly into the shingle.

The nature the action was soon discovered. The stick, in forcing its way among the pebblesy caused some them rub against each other. This reminded an experiment schoolboy days, when I carried a couple quartz pebbles milk custom writing services uk stones called them in pocket, in order astonish schoolfellows and others flashing fire in the dark. This was done pressing the stones together as firmly as possible, and then rubbing them one against the other.

A considerable amount light given out at the surfaces contact, sufficient illuminate the whole the The experiment did not end here. The next part consisted in smelling the sulphur the rubbed sur ces.

With the recollection the flash in the schoolboy experiment came that the so-called sulphurous i need help writing my college essay odour, which, although long forgotten, at once suggested the odour the electric machine which led Schonbein the I then picked some the flint pebbles, is there a website that writes customized essay writing essays for you rubbed them as yore, saw the flash, and smelt the sulphur, which I now recognized If ozone thus generated the rubbing together siliceous pebbles, the dashing the waves upon the shore, and the rattling the shingle pebbles or rubbing sand particles together, may explain the origin the ozone that has been found in the spray the waves THIS subject has lately been brought before the French Academicians Varenne.

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But many readers will ask what Nitric acid acts very powerfully most metals, dissolving them furiously with evolution pungent red fumes.

Iron thus attacked, but behaves in a manner dissertation consulting that appears rather capricious.

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Under certain conditions becomes proof against the violent chemical energies nitric acid, and the acid behaves like mere water. The iron then said passive. Generally speaking, iron becomes passive at once, if dipped in concentrated nitric acid if the acid slightly diluted, oxidation and solution with violent effervescence make a start when the iron immersed, but they stop almost immediately afterwards. As the dilution increased, the length time intervening between the action and its sudden cessation increases proportionately. When the acid diluted beyond a certain degree weakness acts the iron without any cessation whatever. If, however, a piece iron that thus freely soluble in such dilute nitric acid now plunged into strong acid, and then carefully and slowly, without agitation, reintroduced its previous solvent, this a solvent master thesis writing service no longer the passivity the iron that was started in the strong acid now maintained in the weak acid. All this very puzzling, but Varenne phd writing service suggests an explanation which I think correct. He supposes that the gas which first evolved the surface the metal adheres and forms a protecting film. This in accordance with the fact that if iron that has been rendered passive strong acid then plunged in dilute acid, loses its passivity agitated as disturb the film gas. Also, that the passive state not assumed in vacuo. Besides these facts, mentions the brilliant appearance the passive iron as showing the adhering film gas. That iron much addicted film itself gaseous what should i write my essay on adhesion shown many other facts, outside those stated Varenne.