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the Great Hell, and, at no great distance in other directions, two sets hot springs, both bearing the name Yumoto, And, looking down from that high pinnacle, i need help with my english paper far the dreamy horizon I saw, or fancied I saw, a faint indication smoke from the active volcanic isle Vries or Ashima, which lies just off the coast Tdzu, Such ntighbours as these make impossible ignore the probability tiiat a day may come ere long when Fuji-San shall awake from his sleep a century and a half, and may resume his crown fire, as Vesuvius, Etna, and many another volcano, fondly assumed extinct, have done ere now.

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Vesuvius said have made such good use 1 years rest thai, at the time the great eruption in a.d. 1, not only were all its slopes richly cultivated, but chestnut groves and pools water had sprung within the crater. Here, the extreme summit Fujiyama, have the water springs, but no trace vegetation, though a few blades grass have struggled into life within a very Whether fiery streams shall ever again lOur down the mouotainside and burn their ivay through the green forests, cannot pro hesy.

At present, however, all seems ijuiet, and the mighty Having wandered leisurely round the crater a circuit about three miles I began think breakfast, and, ret iming niy coni xinions, found them and our followers already in possesion one a row about a dozen small huls facing the rising sun, vhich form a one-sided street where the pilgrims lodge.

They here, dissertation uk having spread the soft warm quilts brought with I gladly lay down for an hour's rest, while companions college essay dissertation consulting fees editing service made the circuit the crater. Our large sheets oiled paper were hung across as a curtain shield from the glare, help with writing a dissertation and separate our comer from that where our host was cooking. Happily, in mercy our eyes, had substituted charcoal for wood.

I may mention, the way, that water here boils. Above head, even in this rude hut, was the invariable domestic shrine.

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Here, course, was Shinto, and in addition the usual sacred mirror polished metal, was a model Fujiyama rudely hewn in lava. Our quarters being as comfortable as could possibly expected, had been our intention spend the day and night quietly the summit. Unfortunately, however, our brother pilgrim, who his previous ascents had already suffered from mountain sickness, produced the rarified air, was this occasion violently and write my essay canada continuously sick that was evidently necessary for him descend at once. Both our Japanese attendants likewise suffered, and asked leave back. They had crushed sour pink dissertations database plums their temples, which seemed a novel remedy, but one much in favour in Japan. Had but known nature had provided a far more efficacious remedy in the snow-drifts the crater bathing the temples with snow being the surest protection against sickness and headache thus produced.

At first two ladies decided remaining ourselves having perfect trust in our coolies, but unfortunately, after an interval rest, I too awoke feeling sick, that, combining the chances increasing custom writing essays services illness with that bad weather the morrow, was voted better that should also return the lower world a decision which I now sincerely regret, being convinced that own indisposition was simply momentary and due over-fatigue. I the more inclined this belief as two parties our friends, fired our example, made the pilgrimage a few days later each spent a night the summit, coming in for grand thunderstorms, torrents rain, and a magnificent sunrise but no one complained any tendency sickness, though one stalwart Scot did awaken with a headache, which, however, attributed the mountain dew in which had pledged his absent friends, and not the mountain essay writers toronto air. Our coolies once more shouldered their burdens, with an alacrity which surprised and at 1 1.

regretfully took our last look at the magnificent scene, and, what is the best essay writing service college essay help nyc already over-wearied, commenced the descent. Already large white clouds encompassed the base the mountain, and floating mists played about the summit, veiling the sun and shielding from its burning rays. Nevertheless, the descent was most exhausting, and seemed never-ending. The path lay straight down the cone, over deep soft ash and crumbly scorisey in which sank over the ankles, and which kept penetrating into our boots. We felt grateful our pilgrim predecessors, whose straw shoes strewed the earth in thousands, making a shade better It was M. when reached the rest-house where had left our kangos, and much did enjoy some good egg saki, as did also our coolies, who, having made an excellent meal and transferred the luggage a pack-horse which were fortunate enough secure, shouldered the kangos, in which wearily lay, and trotted off quite cheerily, only halting smoke beaeath a fine old larch tree, from the branches which hung innumerable pairs old straw shoes, tied together and thrown for luck the happy pilgrims whose task accomplished, and who have secured a store merit and sanctity last for years come.