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INTIMATELY connected with the above subject the effect continuous daylight vegetation. Dr. Schubeler, Christiania, has devoted above thirty years the study this subject His researches curiously remte the generally received notions concerning the brilliancy tropical vegetation as compared with primary school report writing help that the Dr. Schubeler finds write dissertation that flowers essay writing service us growing within and about the Arctic circle are larger and deeper in colour than corresponding species growing farther south. This the case with garden flowers and such plants as field peas, beans, a Wheat and maize grown in Norway have a richer yellow brown than that growing farther He imported seeds grain from Ohio and Bessarabia and planted them in Norway.

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They acquired each year a richer and darker colour, and finally reached the full depth tint the home-grown The same with flowers grown from imported seeds they increased not only in colour but in size also, and the farther north they were carried, the more decided was the paraphrasing essay change. Among other instances specifies the Veronica scrpyllifolia which changes firom a pale a dark blue as goes farther north, and the help writing my thesis statement Trientaiis Europaa which My own observations confirm these. The most striking example that I remember that the saxifrage commonly known as London pride.

The bunches flowers which in the latitude Ix ndon are but little larger than currant write my philosophy paper bunches, grow in Norway the dimensions large bunches grapes, especially in the far north, where consumer reports resume writing services they hang in surprising luxuriance the inaccessible faces bare perpendicular rocks, their roots bedded in the imperceptible crevices the precipice.

Not only are the size and oMours flowers thus developed the continuous sunlight, but their aroma also intensified. This applies all parts the plant. The intensification the flavour savoury garden plants renders some them almost uneatable in Scandinavia. Thus the white stick celery, grown with all our gardener's precautions, and not distinguishable in appearance from plants imported from Covent Garden market, had a sharp unpleasant taste when compared with the English plant. The same with The following was written twenty-five years ago, and describes what I witnessed when Dr. Schubeler was beginning his researches, which I was then totally ignorant A little before reaching Ovne or Aune station there were some the most magnificent banks pansies I ever beheld.

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Several patches above 1 square yards were covered with an unbroken carpet these beautiful flowers the variety, richness, and harmony their colours were most exquisite they saturated the atmosphere far around with a delicious aroma which was almost intoxicating in its concentration when I slept upon them for an hour or two the sunbeams poured upon with a roasting heat, the rooks were cawing above, and the river rumbling below. This was the northern slope the Dovrefjeld moun tains, the highway Trondhjem.

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All the wild and cultivated fruits that can ripened at all in Norway have more aroma and characteristic flavour than those which are grown farther south. writing services online The strawberries, cherries, bilberries, and other wild marsh and wood berries, all exemplify this. I can confirm Dr.

Schubeler's conclusions as regards the wild strawberries and the berries. Our bilberries are but poor things compared with the large, luscious, and splendidly coloured blue berry affordable essay writing service the The increase aroma and heightening flavour accompanied with diminished sweetness as proceed north. The golden-drop plum and greengage Christiania or Trondhjem, although large, well-coloured, and rich in aroma, are deficient best custom paper writing service in sweetness. In like manner, the Rhenish and other northern vineyards produce wines finer aroma and flavour than those Spain and Portugal, but they are less alcoholic account the smaller quantity sugar which its fermentation coursework website produces the alcohol Therefore inferred that the light produces aroma, and heat produces sweetness, but I doubt the accuracy this conclusion. My own opinion that the diflerence all due time that in the north the continuous daylight, and the day-heat also, develop the fruit rapidly that there not sufficient time for the conversion the starch and woody fibre into sugar fully efiected, and I base this demand for time such well-known facts as the ripening our sweetest pears, many which when gathered in the autumn are hard and sour, but become lusciously sweet merely storing them until December or January, or even later.