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THE comforts and luxuries introduced into travelling land are often said or sung, that are in danger not academic writing service uk doing full justice the wonderful improvements made and making in ocean travelling.

However wealthy and well-intentioned a modem steamship company may the association not yet incorporated customized writing which can gujurantee the passenger immunity from an evil which may passed lighdy over at present, but which will certainly suggest itself many readers, and prompt them regard ironically any attempt show that an ocean voyage can under any circumstances luxurious, comfortable, or barely tolerable. Yet must admitted that the proprietors the main lines ocean steamers have done wonders in alleviating the discomforts life ship-board and making their vessels, as nearly as they can made, floating hotels.

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A brief description a recent voyage from Sydney will enable the traveller who remembers in a sailing ship, or in help with essay writing the steamers which did good service in their day as the pioneers the present magnificent fleets, make a contrast.

Further, may give a useful hint that rapidly increasing number wanderers, ladies as well as gentlemen, who frequently in these days substitute a run Australia for the continental tour once considered a necessity and a limit. At Sydney, the Orient steamers lie at moorings in the harbour but they will sooner or later have imitate the example the Peninsular and Oriental Company's boats, and come into the wharf. It saves much trouble, no doubt, in many minor ways, from the ship's point view, free from too close a connection with the shore, and in a sheltered haven like that Sydney, there no great inconvenience essay cheap in shipping or transhipping cargo means lighters. But profuse as are the arrangements for putting passengers and their luggage board, cheapest essay writing service and keeping constant communication between steamer and pier, there must not a little worry and inconvenience. In a word, people prefer walk comfortably the familiar staging, and cast off from the wharf in the ordinary manner, the fuss and scramble transhipment in a tender.

After somewhat confusion at the Circular Quay, Sydney, the momuig February nth, got ourselves and our belongings board the company's launch, in the humble hope that our packages, which had speedily become swallowed in a vortex other people's luggage, would found safely the John Elder's deck indeed, dismiss them once for all, they were. The old superstition against sailing Friday must now exploded, since the vessels this fleet select without rebellion amongst the sailors or protests from the passengers. If first impressions are lasting, last impressions are no less abiding. Though February a month when rain naturally due in Australia, was the loveliest mornings, and the famous harbour passed in review before in its brightest array, become thereafter a remembrance sunny sparkling beauty. The last bell rang for our start this voyage quite accurate 1, DMles, with a punctuality worthy imitation some railway companies that might named.

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The passengers friends, accepting the warning, descended essays on helping the needy the long side ladder into their launch and accompanied as the little pilot fish accompanies the shark, the Heads.

Then they steamed back Sydney, and saw them A few acquaintances were made, likings inspired, and prejudices formed the first day, but generally speaking these inevitable occurrences a lengthened voyage not ripen within a week, and this especially the case when the ship for a while not actually clear the land. We had before a call at Melbourne and another at Adelaide, and was understood that the arrangements as cabins and seats at table were not necessarily final until were fairly at sea. The first stage firom Sydney Melbourne, a distance miles, was finished during the forenoon the 1 February. In the interval had, proceeding with the leisure delightful when afloat, somehow, plenty Valuables I use the college essay help long island word, I regret say, only because the routine expression were handed the purser, for deposit in his safe little ornaments and portraits faces loved look upon were arranged around our cabins the library at the end the saloon was inspected carefully for future reference and in a variety ways devoted ourselves getting the run the ship. Sunday no day when arriving at a port call, but that buy custom papers did not prevent shoals visitors from coming off in a gale wind, arriving drenched with spray, or a few passengers from the ship absconding at the earliest moment. On Monday, course, everybody went ashore, and did what could done with Melbourne, quickly reached train from Sandridge pier, and elected spend most our time at the Exhibition, where the English section for most in the fine do my papers machinery department Robinson Co. Rochdale was glorying in the honours had won. Tuesday found the John Elder still at anchor in Hobson's Bay, but the i February commenced the next stage miles, round Cape Otway, Adelaide, arriving in the open roadstead the newly formed port Semaphore the i and sailing again the Adelaide, amongst the cities Australia, has a special beauty its own. In the completeness its streets, the cultivation its open spaces, and the excellence its public buildings, second no city in Australasia but its peculiar possession envied the range mountains some eight miles distant practical measurement, but apparently ever varying according the condition the atmosphere.