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Help writing a book

Whence the Kaf-headed Taht-Ani the figure the God who taught mankind their speech and made the hieroglyphics, which ultimately led letters.

This type language, speech, the word, the mouth, the tongue, carries back the pre-lingual Clickers, and establishes the link betwixt them and the Clicking Ape in tracing the origin and line descent for human speech.

The Cynocephalus, then, represents a pre-human source speech, and personified in Taht-Ani as the Divine Speaker. We may look upon the Clicking Ape as one the animals whose sounds were repeated his successor Man. The Egyptian record testifies his preeminence.

Possibly the Ape, as typical talker, Sayer or Divine Word, may account for the tradition current among the negroes in West Africa, also in Madagascar, that the Apes once talked and could yet, but they conceal their faculty speech for fear they should made work. The need help with writing a paper dissertation introduction Ass was also honoured like the Ape Taht-Ani as a saluter the Gods or Nature-Powers.

It was a great past master pre-human sounds, as the pre-human utterer the vowels in their earliest assignments writing services form. Nat. Genesis.

Help writing a book

The Egyptians call the Ass the name Iu, Aiu, and Aai, three forms help with writing essays for college applications one help writing a term paper primary diphthong in which the seven vowel-sounds originated.

Iu signifies come and which might aptly describe the Ass's mode producing the voice. Aiu or Iu with the A protheic shows the process accretion or agglutination which led the word Aiu, Iao, Ioa, Iahu becoming extended the seven vowels finally represented in the fully drawn-out name Jehovah, which was written with the seven vowels the Gnostics.

The English attribute the dual sound hee-haw the Donkey, and, if omit the aspirate, ee-aw near enough as a variant and the equivalent Iu, Aiu, or Aai, as the name given itself the Ass which was registered in language the Egyptians.

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cheap ghost writer services The animal with his loud voice and long-continued braying was an unparalleled prototype the Praiser and Glorifier the Gods or Nature-Powers.

He uttered his vowel-sounds at the bottom and top the octave which had only filled in for the Ass become one the authors the musical scale.

Such were two the Sayers in the language animals, as zootypes, as pictographs ideas as likenesses nature-powers as words, syllables, and letters and what they said read in Totemism, Astronomy, and seo writing service Mythology buy original research paper in the primitive symbolism the aborigines, and in the mystical types and symbols now ignorantly help with paper writing claimed It but doing the simplest justice these our predecessors in the ascending scale life and evolution show something the role they once played and the help they have rendered nascent, nonarticulate man in supplying the primary means imaging the superhuman forces surrounding him in lending him their own masks personality for Totemic use before had acquired one his own, and in giving shape and sound and external likeness his earliest thought, and assisting him his upward way with the very means which parted company from them. Whosoever studies this record the light that shineth from within will surely grow more humanly tender towards the natural zootypes and strive henceforth protect thesis services them from the curse cruelty, whether inflicted the fury the brutal savage or the bloody lust the violating vivisectionist. This zoomorphic mode representation offers the key which can thesis topic unlock the shut-up mind the earliest, most benighted races far as learn more or less what they mean when they also talk or act their unwritten language animals in Totemic customs and religious rites, and repeat their Marchen and dark sayings which contain the disjecta membra the myths. It as perfect for this purpose interpreting the thought the remotest past, become confused and chaotic in the present, as in the alphabet for rendering the thought the present in verbal language. Homo was the finisher but no means the initial fashioner language. Man was preceded the animals, birds, and reptiles, who were the utterers pre-verbal sounds that were repeated and continued him for his cries and calls, his interjections and exclamations, which were afterwards worked and developed as the constituents later words in human speech into a thousand forms language. Thinking, man or animal, does not depend upon speech. Naming not necessary for reflecting an image the place or thing or person in the mirror the mind. Thought primarily a mental mode representing things.