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Still, the work hand no means exhausted, for in the British Museum alone 1, species insects are preserved which still await scientific description and now that can make fifty different sections the brain a bee or the egg a beetle, and find something say about each, the comparative anatomists the future need not despair employment, THE elimination possible sources error one the most delicate and important efforts scientific observatioo. A curious instance a previously undetected error has lately been One the simplest and best methods determining the specific gravity liquids construct a glass bottle that shall, when stoppered, contain exactly i,ooo grains distilled water at a given temperattirc.

This exactitude obtained boring a fine hole through the tall stopper, and simply thrusting this stopper into the filled neck thus the excess water squeezed this little tube, forced out, and may wiped off at the top, which top ground down in order finally adjust the quantity when the bottle If now counteipoise the empty bottle and fill with some other liquid than water, are supposed get at its specific gravity simply weighing at the standard temperature. Thus, if filled with Atlantic sea water, will contain i,oz grains, if with oil vitriol 1, grains, and according the density the liquid.

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The error discovered Volkmann due the elasticity the glass vessel.

When filled with a heavy liquid like mercury, scjucczed outwards and measurably enlarged. He proves this first filling the bottle with mercury as usual, and then immersing all in mercury, cheap law essay writing service that i need help with my term paper the inside pressure shall counteracted the mercury outside. essay writer With a tubular stem like a thermometer tube attached the bottle the mercury was seen rise in the latter case, or fall if the filling was conducted when the bottle was immersed in the mercury and then taken out chemists are supposed have refuted this, and have found a full explanation the failure continuously repealed crops someone write my dissertation in the exhaustion certain special soluble chemical constituents which the plant in question takes away Some experiments have been recently made Kiihn and others, beet sickness, which a condition soil first occurring in strips or patches a field.

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The plant dies there, and the mischief spreads until whole districts are rendered useless for the cultivation sugar beets. The analysis these soils indicated no deficiency nutriment that could account for the disease healthy and sick soils were practically alike in chemical composition.

The mischief was traced a parasite nematod that nourished the material decayed roots. Chicory, a crop demanding the same soil-food as beet, flourished the sickened soil. When this was heated a temperature destructive the life the parasite, good crops were obtained without any additional manure. Healthy soils were infected means diseased help writing thesis statement roots, and in order ascertain whether other plants were attacked the nematods, buy masters thesis i different vegetables were planted in an infected field many were attacked showing that mere rotation was not sufficient Chemical remedies were tried, but found too expensive burning the soil, as Kuhn did experimentally, too costly for practical The experimenters recommend that the fields thickly sown early in the season the roots are then attacked the parasite and their larvje lodge within them.

By pulling this young crop and destroying the insect removed, and the field may re-sown with fair chance better crops. The beet-growers are especially cautioned against manuring with the refuse infected plants, or the dung animals fed upon such roots, lest the germs thereby Our farmers might take a hint from this. The turnip-fly deposits its eggs the very young turnip plant. As turnip seeds, like those the beet, are very cheap, a whole generation maggots might destroyed at one blow sowing a premature crop this quickly growing plant, uprooting and burning returning the ashes, and then tilling and re-sowing at the usual late period. This would destroy a crop weeds as well as a generation turnip-flies.

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