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But very good you come.

Monsieur, went I did not hope for a visit from you to-day. But I arranged come I made mind nothing should prevent coming see you, and have a look at your pictures There are some hanging you see, Monsieur, the poor artist answered with a gesture his hand towards the wall and a twist his features that did duty for a smile I lie in bed surrounded Like a soldier the battle-field, said Dufresny rising and begin, ning look about the room.

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Come, what nice things you have here ! They are all done from nature psychology dissertation I reproduced what I saw. I believe there some merit in phd proposal writing help them, answered Coic, with a ghastly They are full merit, said Dufresny with kindly humbug.

Come, what a good bit colour this such good light and shade 1 And here old friend Maiot the baker, I dMNdd kwnr binufwhere his figure limp as one his floor bagi and lus iwn wri rosy £su frowning like that a jodge pasuigaentaioe Ga iilBl 1 And there Monsieur Curd in his long pettiooats Ui kflnd cdd nose perpetually nipped the east wind and Us mild bkaicd cycsL Why, friend, this room a portrait gallerf the Joiqr wAiea. Coic laughed loud and queerly as DnfifesDyqMke Thatiswfaal the people about here say, replied That like seeing Jouy reflected in a mirror, write my paper co have a look round P Cofcfs room.

Just like How excellent those sun-flowcrs aorel Dufteany went taking down a sketch a instakii wfo otitof sonMowcis in pots What lovely sunflowers, firedy and carefany dnnm 1 I should like buy this Madame One, coidd yon tdD die price? The old mother had been loitering about die now cane fai aid and made a curtesy.

It thirty firancs, Monsieur.

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Thirty francs ! nonsense! said Dofresny, indjgnanriy, ! would not take for that price, I an artist and know mmcfhing off its value if you will let have for handled and dibty fioancs I shall take Come Monsieur Coic diis sketdi bdoqgi if joa Thank you. Monsieur, ifyou think wofA thing said Coic I shaU hang in studio in Fkris where i tiyotte wiH admire replied Dufresny with emphasb as IRse Coic went off pack the etch. How hard you have woiked, friend 1 went Yes, Monsieur, that true P COic has worked wdl in liis time DO one can say nay that has not spared miles around they have his portraits liangmg in dieir I have seen them, often ! said Dofresny, and yon hwe mnde those poor country website that helps you write an essay people happy yoo have comforted you have sometimes preserved for them the foces dwir dead. Ah ! those were the good times those were the good replied Coic, as if talking himsdC Theyosed saj Thank you, Pere Coic, the diildren wiD diink the old modtei wIkb die statement writer dead, for you have put her fiure there in a frame for dMS and his fields I used say myself Yoo are not rid bat yon sun the only one in the village who can paint wbo can ndoe firik haauf Von have every right fed SQ friend ! die vflage pniod Pfere Coic did not answer.

There was a silence then muttered, feebly, as if wandering, Those rich people may right I not judge them but over they have spoilt life. Why, friend, said Dufresny, cheerily, taking a chair near the bedside, and looking down the worn frame, there are years I know better, said the sick man, with feeble querulousness, paraphrasing in counseling and if were not for the old mother downstairs, I would not care but I take Pfere Coic has turned his pictures with their faces the wall, never turn them back again.

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You are Tong, friend, said Dufresny, laying his hand upon the fevered one that lay outside the coverlids, and holding in his kindly the help essay prompts grasp.

The body with you affecting the mind you will see life very differently when you get well agaia I not want see differently I want see as replied the sick man with a sudden burst temper. Well then, last night I saw things as they are. I remained here. Monsieur, with eyes wide open here in the dark and was always passing before the wall opposite. That beautiful room business letter writing help I did not know a room could like that one help writing essay with its heavy curtains and its soft carpets, and the pictures in Ah ! those were pictures ! I could well see the difference between them and mine. All night I heard those ladies in their silk dresses and those fine gentlemen mocking You should not care that for the thought said Dufresny, Coic did not heed. There was a pause then went lowering his voice When they mocked enraged but was when the demoiselle He broke off, turned his face the wall, and continued Ah, Monsieur I She seemed beau tiful. I did not dare, sometimes look at her sitting there in her blue buying essay draperies, with the smile in her gentle eyes. I used think in heart the Virgin must look like that in Paradise.