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The word, says, comes from the substance, amber, which the Greeks called electron. He tells the story told Thales ages ago, how amber rubbed will attract a straw, and quotes the line Ludovicus Vives the same subject Ut paleam succinum, sic formam amor trahit. Then, suiting the action the word, rubs his sleeve the rod polished amber, presents a feather, and makes the feather leap That, says, electrical attraction, and, in parenthesis, explains how the words electricitas and later electricity were first brought into use Queen grant writing services Elizabeth's favourite physician, Dr.

William Gilbert, the author the far-famed book the magnet From amber proceeds wax, from wax silk, from silk dry brown paper, which warms tenderly over the embers the hearth, and from paper glass, exciting the object in each case, and help writing an argumentative essay then showing how the feather leaps and for a time sticks These little arts, says, have long been known, and brings out his pocket another toy which has pleased much great Isaac Newton himself a toy paper soldiers placed in a wooden box with a glass lid, which shows that when the glass rubbed the soldiers get and move about in the box in various fantastic evolutions. We all wonder most at this toy. The host, not quite sure whether all right, uneasily looks towards the door see that the passage out therq i free while the hostess stipulates that the boys shall see these strange paper soldiers before essays writing help starting for school in the morning. And now comes in grand demonstration, the magnum opusj the wonderful glass tube three feet five long and two inches nearly in its diameter. With the tube, moreover, comes the history his, Stephen Gray's, discoveries, original and singular, in electricity.

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He informs that having in the year 1 entered the Charterhouse, and finding time heavy his hands, began his experiments exciting glass and other substances electrically.

He says soon made a new discovery, which cleverly illustrates. He ties a down feather the end a thread, and then ties the thread, its other end, a stick, making the feather whip which have seen. He takes his large glass tube, and, delicately dusting and rubbing dry with a clean silk handkerchief kept for the purpose in those capacious coat pockets, holds over the embers till very warm.

Need help with essay paper

Then with one the rubbers has brought rubs the tube briskly through the rubber held in his right hand, listening meanwhile for certain faint little crackling sounds which expects hear from the glass. The rubbing completed, takes the stick with the feather attached the thread, and letting the feather fall a little space from the stick, and holding the stick upright in his left hand, takes his glass tube with his right hand and mikes approach the feather.

The feather thereupon springs out meet the tube and clings Now gently draws the tube away from the feather, and behold the feather flies the stick and clings and when shaken from the stick and the glass tube once more brought near instead the tube attracting, repels the feather, driving away until touched a finger, when attracted once more the tube. He asks our hostess, who continues busy watching and snuffing the candles, put the candles out.

With some terror, she obeys.

Then in the dark rubs the dry paper, and shows from bright little sparks, which come with crackling noises. WTien the candles arc lighted again rubs the paper flat the table many times with his hand, and taking the wall leaves sticking there. With actual glee, which does one good behold, our poor brother proceeds next show his latest wonders wonders that have writer dissertation excited the admiration the Fellows the Royal Society itself, and other magnates who have met recently in its rooms. With the utmost simplicity statement, advises that as his excited glass tube communicated light bodies in the dark, might, thought, also communicate electricity other bodies. One day when was using his tube, corked at both ends, that dust might not get into noticed the singular fact that after exciting the tube, brought one end near a feather or a piece gold leaf, the feather or the gold leaf, as the case might would fly the cork and stick No amount rubbing, however, help with thesis writing would make the cork attract when was removed from the glass tube. It seemed clear, therefore, that the tube communicated electrical properties other substances, and substances that could not themselves rendered electrical friction. He illustrated this experiment at once exciting his tube, and making the cork at the end attract and hold a feather attraction. Proceeding further in the narration his discoveries, and making experimental proof as went showed that what commenced, speak, in the cork, could extended almost an indefinite length.